Smart watches to respond to WhatsApp and much more!

Smart watches to respond to WhatsApp

With smart watches you can do an infinite number of things and, among them, these are great smart watches to answer Whatsapp and relieve the user of the burden of having to enter the mobile and the app. There are times when we are busy, for example, jogging, or in an important meeting. Thanks to watches you can attend to your messages without having to spend time unlocking your phone, entering passwords and PIN, entering the app and searching for the message in question. In less than a minute, and just from your wrist, operating your watch, you can respond to WhatsApp but also perform other functions.

There are different models of smart watches and not all of them have the same functions. But for that reason, perhaps you are a little lost on the subject. And it is with this objective, to clarify your doubts in this regard, that we have prepared this article, to explain how to respond to WhatsApp with the help of your smart watch or if you can do it.

In fast-paced times like these, saving time is essential. Therefore, this type of technology is great for us. Let's see first of all, with what type of smart watch you can answer your messages and how to do it so as not to access your phone all the time.

Which smart watches are valid to respond to WhatsApp

It will depend on the operating system that each phone has. Because in the android devicesYes, you can operate with your WhatsApp app and other apps without problem. The problem comes when you have a mobile phone that has another operating system. 

The same happens with phones that have an Apple operating system or with iPhones. In these cases, the ease of communicating the smart watch with its own applications such as WhatsApp are identical. The difficulty lies in the watch having its own different operating system. 

For example, we may have a hard time answering WhatsApp if our smart watch is a TizenOS. In this case, you may not be able to access the chat or use the Google Assistant to help you respond to WhatsApp. 

Smart watches to respond to WhatsApp

If your watch is a Xiaomi, yes you will be able to operate with WhatsApp, But with many limitations. For example, you can receive notifications and respond to WhatsApp messages, but give brief answers and you will not be able to delight in long messages.

You will also not be able to see the images, nor use the voice dictation function or send messages. You can simply respond to received messages and short jokes.

In the cases of mobile phones that have the Google operating system, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 5, TicWatch Pro 3 and, finally, the Fossil Gen 6. Write down the cheat sheet, because with your watch, on these phones You can receive notifications and reply to messages, mark messages as read, open the message on your phone, and send messages with the help of the Google Assistant.

In summary, with these phone models, you can handle WhatsApp but in a very brief way, limiting its use to viewing notifications, that is, it is useful to be aware of what is happening and to give quick answers to queries in the chats. 

You can tell us that, if you buy a smart intelligence, or you ask someone for this device as a gift, it is because you want to take advantage of it to speed up your activities on social networks, including the main chat or network of networks, WhatsApp. In this case, you could be disappointed when you start testing your device and realize that no, you cannot attend to WhatsApp or do great things in chat using your watch. 

However, all is not lost. There are some options for manage WhatsApp with your smart wrist watch. For example, having a Samsung Galaxy Watch. To do it from this watch, simply download the WhatsApp app from the Galaxy Wearable app store. 

The microphone and speaker that the mobile phone has installed, as well as the keyboard available on the screen, also allows you to receive messages and interact, in a very simple way.

Among the Samsung Galaxy models that allow you to operate with WhatsApp we have the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, 4 Pro, 5 and 5 Pro. While, if you opt for a Huawei device, you will be able to operate, to a limited extent, with WhatsApp, on the Huawei Watch 2 models , Fit 2, GT3 and GT3 Pro.

There are also other alternatives, such as these devices that work using Wear OS and are phones such as the OPPO Watch, TicWatch Pro S 2021, TicWatch Pro 3 GPS, C2, Pro, S&E, S2, E3, Pro Ultra GPS, among others. Before purchasing your smart intelligence, see if you can reply WhatsApp with the. 

How WhatsApp works on smart watches and how you can reply to chat messages from your wrist

Smart watches to respond to WhatsApp

As we have been explaining, it will depend on each specific watch model that you can do more or less functions or in one way or another to attend to WhatsApp. But, in general terms, those devices that do allow this usually work as follows:

  1. You will have to previously receive the communication via WhatsApp. 
  2. Once you receive the message, you will have the notification alert on your smart intelligence.
  3. If it appears on your watch, you can now read and attend to the chat. To do this, slide your finger up, touching the message. 
  4. Hit the “reply” option. 
  5. The answers will be rather brief, so it is better to choose a predefined answer or dictate your answer by voice. 
  6. Once you've sent that response, you'll have verification on your watch.

Sometimes there may be a slight desynchronization between WhatsApp and your watch. But generally, it is brief. 

This is how you can use the smart watches to answer WhatsApp on your wrist watch. It is very easy, although depending on the watch models, you will not always have freedom of action in all watch models. Do you already have your smart watch? How do you use it? Tell us what you think of these devices and what model you usually use. 

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