Snapchat is updated with interesting improvements


The "private" instant messaging application Snapchat just got updated with succulent improvements, among them we find new badges to better recognize our contacts, a new section called "Needs Love" (Needs love) and a night mode for the camera.

Snapchat has been undergoing a strong push lately, starting from when it was proposed to block third-party clients that abruptly broke with Snapchat's grace of being able to limit control over what you send, both chat and multimedia files and that allow (or allow) to save these files and even the conversation history.

Meaning of Snapchat emoticons

Snapchat emoticons

Snapchat started blocking third-party clients a long time ago, something that surely was not well seen by many users. Perhaps to compensate for this movement, the application was now updated almost a year ago with interesting news. Among these novelties, perhaps there was one that stood out above the others: some new smileys on Snapchat shaped like emoji that appear next to the chats preview. But what do these little faces and other symbols mean? Well, although you probably already know them and know their meaning, we will explain it to you below.

Smiley face

Smiley emoticon

If we see a smiley face next to one of our contacts, it means that this contact is one of our best friends on Snapchat, but not the best of all. As there is only one position reserved for the best, this friend may well be the second, the third or more but, unless we continue to Snap chat with him or her and change their icon to the golden heart, they are not the best.

Smiley face

Snapchat smiley face

In Snapchat we have two types of faces with smiles: a more discreet one in which only the mouth is curved and the eyes are closed and another more expressive with the eyes open and in which the teeth are visible. If we see the second of these smiles above one of our contacts, it means that our best friend number 1 is his best friend number 1.

It is not the easiest face to see, since if I have a friend named Vicente as my best friend number 1, Vicente also has to be the best friend of a third friend named Andrés, so Vicente has to have two best friends number 1.

Face with sunglasses

Face with sunglasses

If we see the face with sunglasses next to one of our contacts, it does not mean that this contact is in an area where it is very sunny, no. What it means is that one of our best friends is one of his best friends. For example, I have a contact named Pepe who is one of my best friends (he could be the best, but not if that friend is the best of both, for which there is another icon). I have another friend on Snapchat named José. Well, if Pepe is one of José's best friends, I will see the emoji of the face with sunglasses in José's chat, José will see the emoji of the face with sunglasses on top of my chat and Pepe could not see any icon or see the one with the sideways glance, whose meaning we will also explain later.

Little face looking sideways

Little face looking sideways

This emoji is widely used in many situations of different nature. It can mean something like “I've seen you”, it can mean “yes, yes…” or even that you like the person you are sending it to. Luckily, on Snapchat its meaning is much clearer: if we see a face looking sideways next to one of our contacts, it means that we are your best friend, but he or she is not ours. For example, if I have talked a lot with my friend Pepa and Pepa has not Snapchatted with another person anymore, we will be one of her best friends. But if we have Snapchatted more with another person, we will have another or another best friend. In this case, we will see a face that looks askance over Pepa's chat and Pepa will see a smiling face.

Golden Heart

Snapchat golden heart emoticon

If we see a golden heart on the chat of one of our contacts, it is assumed that we have a good relationship on Snapchat with that person. The golden heart means that we we are your best friend number 1 and that person is our best friend number 1. They say that whoever has a friend has a treasure, right? Well, that treasure is represented on Snapchat with the golden heart emoji.


Snapchat flames icon

El flames icon We could say using the Anglo-Saxon expression that at the moment we are “on fire” with that person. In sports such as basketball, especially if it is the NBA because it is played in an English-speaking country, when a player shoots several times in a row and scores, it is said that he is "on fire", whose direct translation is "on" but we would use more the word "plugged in." On Snapchat, if we see the flames above the chat of one of our contacts, it means that we are "plugged in" with that contact, in the sense that we've been snapchatting with him or her (messages sent and received) during several consecutive days. Logically, like all streaks, the flame will go out if we stop chatting with that contact.

Other new features of the Snapchat update

In addition to the Snapchat symbols that we have mentioned, there are also improvements in the camera and that is now a crescent icon next to the flash switch, pressing it will make our camera raise the ISO sensitivity to capture clearer photos in low light conditions, although we must be aware that this leads to a loss of quality in the result, leaving more noise in the image:

Snapchat camera

And finally we will have a new section called «They need love» in which contacts will appear to whom we used to send snaps but for whatever reason we have stopped doing it.

Between this and Snapchat's new measure for block the use of third-party apps and thus avoid that the privacy of its users is compromised, the application and the service are taking a good course, and that they are already a successful option in terms of sending photos, unlike Whastapp, these people know that being at the top entails a great responsibility, and they are at work with new features that encourage us to continue using their application, new features that are added to those presented recently, such as the section "Discover", where we can see small stories from globally recognized channels such as National Geographic.

As for the use of third-party apps, whoever tries it right now, the most likely is that they will receive an error saying that it has not been able to connect to the server, in case of not receiving it it is only a matter of time, Snapchat is revoking access to their servers by this type of unofficial applications, which benefits us enormously.

Since the NSA espionage information was published, we are more and more users who look more at our privacy. As for messaging applications, although WhatsApp continues to dominate this market, we have also been looking for options that promise us (although they could lie to us) a greater degree of privacy, such as Telegram, one of the safest applications available for any platform, or Snapchat, another very secure application that also offers us very interesting functions.

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  1.   erik said

    Windows Phone users benefit greatly from blocking third-party applications, above all because of the option that they officially give us, which is NONE and not attending to any support claim. Embarrassing and very unprofessional. No CEO should allow his company to close to a market, and less to one where users are crying out for it.

  2.   euge said

    The sideways face is probably that with the person you have you are about to get the golden heart! J

  3.   Ana said

    The sideways face means that that person has you as best friends and you don't!

  4.   Edgar said

    Why are the numbers next to the emoticons?

  5.   Baby? said

    I believe, as Ana says, that the sideways face is someone who has you as best friends and you don't.

  6.   Maury said

    According to me, the sideways face is when you take some screenshots of the other person ...

  7.   Alhexa said

    What do the numbers mean?

  8.   Maria said

    The face that looks askance means that you are his best friend but he is not yours !!!

  9.   margarita said

    the numbers that mean

  10.   Hania said

    What does the little face that is showing both parts of the teeth mean ????? <—— esaaa !!

  11.   Andrew said

    The face of ???? what does it mean?

  12.   brenda said

    And what does the flushed face mean?

  13.   CCCC said

    The face looking sideways means that the person has you among his favorites but you do not have that person among your favorites

  14.   Juan Colilla said

    Thank you very much everyone for your collaboration, I have updated the entry based on the fact that there are several people who coincide with a meaning, which makes me believe that it is true (and as I have seen it is true in real life, so verified).
    Finally I have seen that you are asking about new faces, the truth is that I have not seen them, if you can post a screenshot I will start to investigate about it, do not forget to share the article, not for nothing, but because I was the first Once I saw them I was somewhat lost, and this can help people know what the matter is about, a cordial greeting to all the readers who make our work possible! 😀

  15.   Hania said

    I wanted to publish a photo about the face that I had doubts about but I can't or don't know how to publish it

    1.    Juan Colilla said

      Thank you very much for wanting to contribute ^^ to upload the photo you can upload it to "" and later post a link to it here, good luck!

  16.   Bean said

    What do the numbers mean ?????

  17.   Julia said

    I do not get the moon because and the videos get darker without my wanting to

  18.   manuela said

    For those who ask about the face that smiles and is flushed it means that that person is the best friend of your best friend 🙂

  19.   Lendechy said

    What do the numbers mean?

  20.   Kellymar Perez Ramirez said

    I get a fire

  21.   James said

    Does anyone know what this face is on snap?

  22.   Javier said

    Could anyone tell what the numbers mean?

  23.   Clari said

    The little face of the teeth? means they share the same best friend # 1

    Simply put
    ? both are # 1 of the other
    ? they have # 1 the same person
    ? They are best friends
    ? share a best friend
    ? you are in his best friends but he is not in yours
    ? they snap chat often

  24.   Joseph said

    How do I make the crescent appear next to the flash? Someone tell me how to do it !?

  25.   Javier said

    How do I do what the half luma catches me for on snapchat.

  26.   Alberto said

    The numbers will be the days that you have been actively speaking ... that's why they come out next to the fire 😉

  27.   Henry said

    What does the gray conversation square mean?

  28.   IRON said

    What does the gray conversation square mean?

  29.   mig said

    And the red heart?

  30.   britneychg89 said

    Why doesn't the crescent appear next to the flash on my snapchat?

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    Does anyone know what the ?? icon in gray ??

  32.   Erick said

    Does anyone know what the message sent icon means but in gray color?