Sony at Gamescom 2013

sony gamescom 2013


The presentation of Sony It turned into a somewhat leaden conference, boring, lacking in rhythm and, worst of all, lacking in weighty advertisements - not to mention the dreadful camera shots that Internet users who have tried to follow the talk have had to endure. via internet-.

Despite having had time to talk about his three most current systems - PlayStation 3 y PlayStation Vita-, in addition to the future PlayStation 4, news of greater depth and more precise data in some aspects have been missed.

The first thing he showed us Sony was the interface of his new console, to give us some more detail, especially visually, of how it will work, although it certainly reminded us of the slow and heavy we currently have in PlayStation Store, which many have not liked, although it is to be expected that with future updates both appearance and performance will be improved.

The first game to run on the big screen of the stage was Gran Turismo 6, accompanied by the name of the major car manufacturers whose vehicles we can drive in the game. GT6 looks quite spectacular, although you can already see the fatigue of the console in minor details that reveal the obsolescence of it on a technical level. Surprisingly, it was announced that a Gran Turismo movie, although no further details were given.

Following with PS3, reminded us of the success of The Last of Us and that the console still has life with Gran Turismo 6 o Beyond: Two Souls. A new service based on Little Big Planet called Little Big Planet Hub and it will be a free tool in which players can bring all their ideas to life, and share them with other players from any corner of the planet.

GTA V is coming up, and Sony will take the opportunity to launch a pack with its PS3, which will also have a bonus: those who purchase this pack will receive a 70% discount in contents of Rockstar. The official discount of the 12 GB console at the price of 199 euros, although it is a price at which we can already find this model in some shops. Remember that the low storage capacity will force you to acquire a compatible hdd, in addition to the official support, to be able to enjoy games, updates and demos: sometimes cheap is not so much. As for PS3, that was it: it seems that the fate of the old console is already cast.

It was the turn of PS Vita and a great occasion to show if there really is serious support from Sony and the big companies with a backing in the form of great games. The possibility of using the laptop to play games of PS4 remotely and a necessary downgrade of the system was confirmed, although perhaps it is a little late: the new price of PS Vita will be 199 euros, when there were already stores that sold it at that price to get rid of stock. It was also said that the price of the console cards would be lowered, but no specific figures were discussed.

Regarding game announcements, there was talk of new megapacks, titles such as Batman: Arkham Origins -will be the same as 3DS-, Lego Marvel, FEZ, Football Manager 2014 and it was announced Borderlands 2 for the console, although nothing was shown beyond the logo. Those that we could see in motion were Big fest, a simulator where we manage a music festival, and Murasaki Baby, a program with a quite striking emo aesthetic and based on touch control. Unfortunately, the rest of the games announced were indies programs, which without detracting from them, are already beginning to bore the staff who spent 250 or even 300 euros on a console that they have had collecting dust.

Finally it was time to see more of PlayStation 4. Sony affirmed that they know that their console is a highly desired product and that this was reflected in the million consoles they already had reserved. After repetitive and nothing-contributing talks from characters like Mark Cerny, it seemed like it was time to see new announcements for PS4. Although, it was a jug of cold water with indies everywhere: The Binding of Isaac, N ++, Hotline Miami, Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number, Super Create Box… Emphasis was placed on Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, which will use the Cry Engine 3 engine and in the game from the Spanish studio Tequila Works, Rime, who looked like the bastard son of ICO and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

One of the biggest surprises was the announcement of the remake of the classic and, in the past, very difficult, Shadow of the Beast, which will arrive as a downloadable game at PlayStation 4 exclusively. The graphic section is not surprising and it will be necessary to see to what extent the playable mechanics of the classic have mutated.

As for weight games, we go back to business as usual, and it is that in the presentations that we have seen of PlayStation 4, it is difficult to leave the set formed by the four Sony exclusives, giving the greatest prominence to trailers of inFamous: Second Son y Killzone: Shadow Fall. There were no major announcements, no new project teasers, and absolutely nothing remarkable that hasn't been seen since the February presentation.

We also had the corresponding ration of games of Ubisoft, that the previous appointments had not been lost either, and they repeated showing, again, Assassin's creed iv y Watch Dogs, games that will arrive with exclusive content on Sony consoles. The last announcement of interest was the confirmation of the arrival of Minecraft to the Sony catalog.

Minecraft Box_Screenshot_2

As a culmination of the presentation, it was established that PlayStation 4 will arrive on November 29 in Europe at a price of 399 euros. However, there was no talk of any type of pack, which was surprising seeing how strong he bet Microsoft products giving away FIFA 14 and selling next to his console a blockbuster like Call of Duty: Ghosts, which will also have exclusive content.

The truth is that the talk of Sony It became a difficult spectacle to follow with interest: it was one of the most boring lectures I have seen in months. Most concerning is the sense of self-confidence that you are showing Sony, as opposed to Microsoft products, who is leaving his skin to fix that tremendous mess he made in the first public appearance of Xbox One. On the other hand, the absence of significant news, as well as exclusives and the strong commitment to indies, do not seem like a very successful formula: do you really expect a consumer to spend 400 euros on a console to play for only four exclusive games, vitaminized ports of PS3 and Xbox 360 games and an indigestible amount of indies? I hope these people are not resting on their laurels, so much overconfidence is not good and Microsoft products comes to slipstream.

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