How to do a speed test on any operator

Speed ​​test

Speed ​​is important in the internet world, more and more services offer us high-quality audiovisual content, or simply because we want to enjoy our online video games in no impediment. There are many reasons to know what is the real speed that our fiber optic is offering us, one of them is to know if the company with which we contract the service is complying with the agreement. Therefore, it is important that we periodically carry out speed tests of our connection and know if we are receiving all the power that we are paying for. Today in Actualidad Gadget we want you to know how to measure the speed of your fiber optic regardless of the operator.

For this reason, we are going to recommend the best websites and applications to measure the speed of our fiber connection, both by cable and via WiFi, so we must take into account all the alternatives that the online market offers us so that we can do the test in the most rigorous way possible. So, keep your eyes peeled and take advantage of the index if you want to know the specific speed meter of your connection depending on the operator that provides the service.

How to perform a Vodafone fiber speed test

Vodafone speed test

We start with the red drop, the leading company in 4G coverage in the Spanish market also offers fiber optic service courtesy of the facilities that ONO carried out in its day, and it is that the latter was acquired by Vodafone some time ago, so it stopped offer only speeds of up to 30 Mbps in ADSL to offer directly up to 300 Mbps through ONO's optical fiber. Nevertheless, Vodafone offers us different hiring plans for its packages that we can find at THIS LINK, which may mean that we hire more or less speed depending on our needs.

To find out if they are complying with us, Vodafone offers us its own speed meter, one of the main characteristics is that it uses the obsolete Adobe Flash technology, so you will not be able to run it on a PC that does not have Adobe Flash Player installed or similar, despite the fact that most browsers bring it enabled by default, a detail that can make you opt for other types of speed meters and obviate the one that Vodafone puts at your disposal in THIS LINK.

How to perform an Orange fiber speed test

Orange speed test

Orange is another very important fiber optic provider in Spain, in large cities such as Madrid it is managing to offer no less than 500 symmetric Mbps of connection, which is one of the most advanced connections that we can find in the market, with the exception of companies like Adamo that offer up to 1 Gbps but that are really little deployed and of course they do not count with these interesting rates that Orange offers us HERE. But since we don't like to be bullied, from time to time we will also run a speed test on our connection.

Unlike Vodafone, this company does not have its own speed test, which makes things slightly more difficult for us, because we will have to access some of the independent speed tests that we will add at the end of the article. Don't worry because these independent speed tests offer the same results (if not better) in terms of quality than the speed tests that are included in the website of the service provider, simply Orange has not taken into account adding this type of service.

How to perform a Movistar fiber speed test

Movistar speed test

Movistar is the most widespread fiber optic provider throughout the national territory, in fact its expansion is so great that it practically only allows us to choose between 50 Mbps and 300 Mbps since it has a wide range of facilities throughout the country, so probably It is more than likely that it is the only provider that offers us fiber optics in the place where we live. For this, Movistar has taken advantage of many of its ADSL facilities throughout the entire Peninsula and other types of priority access. However, You must remember that on their own website you can take a look at the rates in case you are interested in getting their services.

Following the Vodafone guideline, the national fiber optic provider also offers us its own speed test on its website, you can quickly access it through THIS LINK and you will know data of your connection such as which browser you are using, what is the upload and download power that our connection offers us and what is the latency of our connection, to know if we have an optimal state these three readings must go hand in hand.

How to perform an ONO fiber speed test

Speed ​​test for fiber

As we said before, ONO is currently owned by Vodafone, this company had an important client portfolio and had established itself as one of the most interesting fiber optic providers in Spain, which is why it caught the attention of Vodafone, which ended up taking over the company entirely. In this way, it offers more competitive rates that allow it to stand up to Movistar and distribute the fiber optic market in a much more interesting way for consumers.

However, Former ONO users continue to have at their disposal some services on the company's web pages, such as THIS speed test that we can access, for a long time has been the official provider of the company's speed tests, however, and although it still works, it ends up redirecting to another website, so we recommend using the ones we know like the independent speed tests and that we are going to offer you below so that you have a choice, without fear.

How to perform a fiber speed test of any operator

Now we are going to introduce you to what we know as independent speed tests, these speed tests they are not assigned to any company's website, so its sole intention is to offer us the service in the fastest and most efficient way possible. There are many web pages that offer us a speed test, however, this time we are going to provide you with the best known tests on the online scene, so that there is no doubt about the neutrality of their results, we are going there with the list.

  • Speed ​​test for all types of browsers: ENLACE
  • HTML speed test: ENLACE

These speed tests are provided by ADSLZone and Ookla, two specialists in this type of content and that offer us totally neutral results and that are not sponsored by any type of telephone company, which could alter the veracity of the result that they offer us.

How to perform a speed test from the iPhone

You have an Iphone? Uhm, in this case performing a speed test can be a real headache for you due to the incompatibilities that Safari for iOS can generate with this type of web services, so we will need to take advantage of the pull of some other free iOS application . In this case, Ookla's is our favorite, how could it be otherwise. This application will give us exceptional results without spending a single penny, that's why the application that you can download from the iOS App Store in the link that we leave just above, It is the best alternative if what we want is to measure the speed of our internet connection, either from the WiFi or the mobile network, directly from our iPhone and without any impediment.

How to perform a speed test from Android

Ookla Speedtest - Speed ​​Test
Ookla Speedtest - Speed ​​Test
Developer: Ookla
Price: Free

This is where we will find the least problems, since the vast majority of Android browsers are compatible with the alternatives that we have offered previously, however, we can also choose applications that are more accurate and will offer us more results. reliable. That is why heading this section we leave you once again the alternative of Ookla, the internet speed meter that gives us the most satisfaction. We will only have to download and install the application, and click on «Start Test».

How to perform a speed test from the PlayStation 4

Speed ​​test on PS4

Knowing the output of our fiber optic connection is a key point to better enjoy our games, not only when downloading them from the PlayStation Store, but also when playing games, multiplayer content is becoming more and better on the Sony console, that is why they have not shaken their hand to include their own connection meter inside the PlayStation 4. For this we are going to go to the "Network" section in the Settings menu and we are going to select "Test connection", for the feast to begin.

The key will lie in the latency speed (which does not show it to us), so we must make sure that it offers us at least NAT 2 as a final result, which would be a guarantee that we will have a gaming experience that at least allows us to enjoy Of content. This capacity is also key when it comes to taking advantage of the Movistar + or Netflix applications within our console, since the better connection, more quality when viewing content, even more so if we are faced with high resolution content.

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