The best bots for Telegram

best telegram bots

Before the arrival of Telegram and its bots, as a general rule this word had always been like this every automatic processes aimed mainly at activities related to bad practices, although not always, of course. But the arrival of the bots has turned the messaging platform into a multifunctional application with which we can perform tasks of all kinds, tasks that perfectly complement other applications available in the different application stores, be it the Apple Store or Google Play. In this article we are going to show you the best bots available for Telegram.

By not having to pass any filter of the application stores, it is very easy to find bots that at no time could we see in an ecosystem, such as iOS, where we do not find any official application that allow us to download only the audio from YouTube videos, a task that we can do quickly through the Telegram bots.

Natively, Telegram offers us several bots installed natively in all the chats among which we find the search for videos on YouTube, search for GIFs in Ghipy and the Markdown text format to be able to use bold or italic in conversations. To access them we just have to write @ and these three appear, so that we can select the one we are looking for at that moment or we can use it in the following way: "@vid name of the video", "@gif name of gif" and "@Bold text a we want to display in bold or italic".

Types of bots for Telegram

Types of Telegram bots

Within the bots we can find two categories. The so-called Inline are the ones that we can find integrated into the application and we can make use of them by typing @ followed and without separating the name of the bot: @gif trump will return gifs of the current president of the United States. Most inline bots are installed natively in the application, so we don't have to do anything to install them.

Then we find the independent bots that work as if it were a chat channel. This type of bots we have to look for them through the Telegram search engine and join it, to later configure it according to our preferences and go to it whenever we need it. This type of bot offers us personalized information or perform various tasks that cannot be done directly with a bot embedded in a conversation.

What is a bot?

What is a bot

The bots have an automated operation so it is not surprising that the word bot comes from Robot. A bot is a small programmed application that imitates human behavior, so that we interact with it and that offers us different results according to our needs, in this way we can find bots that allow us to perform any task, however strange it may seem. If you can't find an app that does a certain function, there is very likely a bot for her.

How to install a bot on Telegram

how to install a bot on Telegram

To install any of the bots that we show you in this article, you just have to click on the link that I leave you, or go to the search search box that is located at the top of the chats, we have to swipe the conversations down to make it appear.

Next we have to enter the name of the bot in the search box, for example @gamee so that the Telegram game channel opens a new chat window where we can select from a large number of games. Either of the two ways is valid and allows us to access the Telegram bots.

The best Telegram bots


I think this bot does not need much explanation, since we only have to enter the search terms so that the bot returns us the different results that it has stored in its gigantic database. Obviously if we want to get more results, we must introduce the terms in English.

Create polls

do surveys on Telegram

Yes, it is also possible to create surveys in Telegram channels through the @pollbot bot, a bot that will allow us to establish different questions with predetermined answers, also offering us detailed results with number of responses and percentages.

Yandex Translator

The Yandex translator will allow us translate to any language and in any language the text that we enter in the chat dedicated to this bot. But in addition, it also allows us to establish a default language to carry out the translations and in this way be much faster obtaining the results of the translations.


Thanks to this bot, every day we will receive our horoscope In our Telegram messaging application, we will previously have to configure what our zodiac sign is.

Movie information

Information about movies on Telegram

Movies Tracker Bot offers us information about the movies we want. All the information is extracted from the Amazon IMDB service, one of the largest databases of everything that has to do with film and television. To add Movies Tracker Bot we just have to type in the search box @ movieS4Bot. Of course, if we enter the name of a movie of which there are several versions, all of them will appear in the chat, which becomes a little problem to check which one we are really looking for.

Convert text to audio

The @pronunciationbot bot allows us to convert text to audio between 84 different languages, a bot that we can use individually or include it within a group to facilitate communication between the users who are in it.

Exchange Rates

This bot will inform us instantly of the current change between the different currencies that are used throughout the world. We just have to enter the amount and the currency from which we want to obtain the conversion to our currency, the local currency that we will previously have to configure the first time we run the bot.


Weather information on Telegram

This bot is our weatherman on our Telegram channel. It not only informs us of the weather that will be the day we are in, but it will also offer us the weather forecast for the next 5 days. @weatherman_bot

What's new on Netflix

The world's leading streaming video service could not be left out of this type of bots and thanks to @netflixnewsbot we can obtain information about each new release that reaches the Netflix catalog in 38 countries, including Spain.

Enjoy Telegram games

Enjoy the games on Telegram

The bot @gamee It gives us access to a large number of games designed in html5 that allow us to have a great time as well as being able to share the results with our friends. We can navigate between the most popular games, by categories, the most played, those that are trending, as well as being able to play with our friends. Among the games offered by this platform let's highlight two:

Trivial Pursuit

The @Trivializa bot allows us enjoy the classic Trivial Pursuit, in English, which at least will allow us to improve our level of English a little. This is one of the few games that gives a lot of play if done in public.


Another of the classics is Hangman, a game in which we have to try to save our character from the rope by guessing the word that is hidden. On this occasion and unlike Trivual Pursuit, @HangBot offers us the possibility to play in Spanish.

Download the audio of the videos on YouTube in mp3

Download the audio of YouTube videos with Telegram

The bot @ dwnmp3Bot It allows us to download the audio of YouTube videos, ideal for when we always carry our favorite music with us without having to resort to downloading it online. In addition, it also allows us to establish the quality in which we can download the video. Once downloaded, it gives us the option to open it with any of our applications, share it ...

Add filters to your photos

There are bots for everything and one that allows us to add filters could not be missing in Telegram. We are talking about the bot @ icon8bot, with which we will be able add different filters Enter a long list of images that we add to the bot.


@AllWallpaperBot allows us to search for wallpapers of different themes to use as the background of our device. Ideal for all those people who like to personalize their devices.

Learn English

Learn English with Telegram

The bot @AndyRobot It will allow us to improve our level of English thanks to Professor Andy, who will allow us to have conversations with him and little by little we will see how our knowledge of English improves. Of course, you have to be very constant so that our level of English improves. Nobody works miracles, and neither do bots.

Meet other users

If you want to try new experiences and meet new people, the @strangerbot bot will put us in contact with other users completely anonymously and from any country in the world.

Unofficial bot store is Telegram

In this article I have tried to summarize the most important and useful bots that we can find for Telegram, but obviously they are not all that they are. If you want to access an unofficial Telegram bot store and search by categories, you just have to use the bot @storebot

How to create a bot

If you have reached this article, it is likely that you are beginning to see how bots are one of the most useful functions that Telegram offers us. If you have been bitten by the bug and want to start creating your own bots, you can go through this guide to create bots @PaqueBot, a guide that It will help you step by step to create your bots without having to write a single line of code.

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