The baby monitor of the future: Annke Tivona

baby monitor

With the popularization of IP cameras and the rest of the security paraphernalia, perhaps we have forgotten a bit about a true and practical application that has this type of technology. We are only talking about the vigilance of what is truly valuable in this life, the smallest of each house.

Annke Tivona is a baby monitor with a 5-inch screen, a temperature gauge and even night vision. Discover with us this curious device that will allow you to enjoy a good time on the video console while you watch the little one out of the corner of your eye... are these types of devices really worth it?

Materials and design

The first thing that catches the eye of this Annke Tivona is that we are dealing with a two-piece device. On the one hand, we find the camera, which will be in charge of capturing the image that will be broadcast in real time, and on the other hand, we have a small tablet with a five-inch screen, which is where we will be able to view the content and even interact with the camera. , as we will see later.

The camera It has a fairly standard design, a sphere at the top that will allow it to move at different angles, combining black and white as the main colors, and made entirely of plastic, how could it be otherwise.

This has a thread for a tripod at the bottom, and at the back the USB-C port accompanied by two antennas for the connection and control of the camera.

baby monitor

The monitor For its part, it has a fully panoramic design, leaving a space on its right margin for the camera and navigation control buttons, as well as a series of shortcuts to the main functions such as the microphone, volume, menu or toggle between the different cameras available.

On the left side is where we have the USB-C port for charging, since this device is indeed wireless. At the back we have the drop-down antenna to improve connectivity and a small support that will allow us to rest the monitor on any surface we want.

Camera Features

Let's go in parts, as Jack "The Ripper" would say. The camera offers the possibility of recording and broadcasting content, moving its lens 310 degrees horizontally and 50º vertically, that unless your child is Jack-Jack from The Incredibles, it should be more than enough to control his movements in the crib or the playpen.

It has a 2x digital zoom, as well as the ability to send and receive audio in both directions. This camera will capture the content in FullHD 1080p, but it only broadcasts it in HD 720p, that is, an HD resolution that is more than enough for the object for which it is intended.

monitor features

The monitor, for its part, has a five-inch screen also with an LCD screen at HD (720p) resolution. The brightness is more than sufficient for the task it is focused on.

baby monitor

This has a built-in 4.000mAh battery that charges through the USB-C port in around two hours. This allows us, according to our analysis, to enjoy about seven hours of continuous playback or up to 12 hours at rest, and it is that we must emphasize that these devices connect to each other through a closed 2,4GHz network, like the WiFi in your home, that is, they do not have Bluetooth connectivity or come with any type of application.


First of all we must emphasize that we will be able to combine up to four cameras on the same monitor, a good idea if we have various points where we want to place them, however, we must take into account that the cameras do not have their own battery and must be permanently connected to the power source.

Once we have made the configuration, extremely simple following the instructions in the user manual, we will be able to access a voice detection function, information regarding the ambient temperature of the room (since the camera has a temperature sensor) and of course, motion detection to receive the consequent alerts on the monitor.

The fact that we have a 2,4GHz FHSS network integrated, without connection to the WiFi network or any type of external application, it will allow us to obtain a much higher degree of security than usual. In short, these types of cameras are much more efficient than conventional IP cameras.

In addition to the above, we will enjoy the following functions:

  • Possibility to change the tone of the alerts
  • Possibility to move and change cameras in real time
  • A long range of video transmission since it works in a 2,4GHz network
  • Possibility to set alarms directly on the monitor

The night vision, through the infrared sensors, shows itself to be more than sufficient for daily dealings. Not as clearly as Annke advertises on her website, but within the image quality range typical of other cameras of this style, and it is that beyond the type of connection and the name that comes with it, the reality is that it is a typical home security camera, like the ones we have seen on numerous occasions.

Editor's opinion

We are facing a very interesting monitoring system, andIn the first place because it completely dispenses with applications, WiFi networks and of course the complications that this type of technology usually entails. However, it also has its weaknesses, the first is that autonomy, of no more than 12 hours, will force us to establish connection routines for the monitor, or place it in an area where it has access to a USB-C port. charge more or less constantly.

On the other hand, the camera also has no chance to work completely wirelessly, that is, we must locate another power source close to the device for it to work.

In this order of things, the price, from 119 euros on the Annke website or on Amazon, It may seem slightly high to us if we take into account similar alternatives.

  • Editor's rating
  • 3.5 star rating
  • 60%

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  • Last modification: March 22th 2023
  • Design
    Publisher: 80%
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    Publisher: 85%
  • Configuration
    Publisher: 85%
  • Image
    Publisher: 80%
  • Autonomy
    Publisher: 65%
  • Portability (size / weight)
    Publisher: 90%
  • Price quality
    Publisher: 80%


  • Easy setup and access
  • Sharpness and number of functions
  • The monitor is very useful.


  • Little autonomy
  • The camera without battery

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