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chess games

If there is a classic and fun board game, in which our concentration is essential to win, that is undoubtedly Chess, a board game where strategy and thinking about each move carefully will be the key to ending up victorious. This game saw its beginnings back in the 600/800 years after Christ and it was not until the XNUMXth century that it entered Spain through the Arabs. Without a doubt, a historical game that remains young despite having lost a lot of steam in the digital age.

Currently it is very common for us to find nobody playing a game of Chess. In the era of mobile phones and video games, it seems difficult to see a middle-aged boy or man playing a game on a classic board, so the best option if we want to play chess is to do it in the form of a video game. But It is not only a game, chess is considered a sport of intelligence and great tournaments are played all over the world with games that can last 6 hours. In this article we are going to see the best free chess games for PC exposed.

Chess games for PC

We are going to detail in a small list those most attractive chess games that we can find on the PC platform, all of them have a paid or free application of the player's choice. We can find from the classic game in 2 dimensions or more elaborate games in 3 dimensions with realistic graphics.

Fritz Chess 17

We start with one of the chess games with the best graphics, a game especially focused on those less experienced players who want to enjoy an experience that is as satisfying as it is pleasing to the eye. Title very recommended by the greats of this sport with comments and a large database of some of them, like the great Kasparov. This game also analyzes our way of playing to position ourselves in a ranking and match up with opponents of our same level.

We have an internal forum where we can clear up doubts with other players or comment on their plays seen in other games. The but of this great game is its price and that is that it costs € 50 so although it is an enjoyable game its price is a bit prohibitive if we only want to play a single game.

Chess Ultra

We have highlighted the graphic section of the previous game and this Chess Ultra is not far behind in this regard, since it is one of the chess games with the best technical section on the list. The game is able to show us images up to 4K native resolution. It has a single player mode and a large multiplayer mode in which we can find a rival almost instantly.

If what we are looking for is to play alone, we have several game modes and a very worked artificial intelligence, offering us intense and long-lasting games as if it were a real game. A highly recommended game for any chess fan. Unlike the previous one, this one has a very attractive price of € 5,19 currently in Steam.

Chess Titans

We are now going to the first free game on the list and it may be one of the best since it enjoys both a good technical section and a good amount of details. It offers a great level of detail on both the board and the pieces. This game is very popular among chess fans because it is free and because of the large community that accompanies it.

We have different levels of difficulty to be able to enjoy the game regardless of our ability. It is recommended to start at the lowest if we are rusty. As we mentioned at the beginning, the game is completely free and we can download it from your Web page.

Zen Chess: Mate in One


We arrived at what is one of the simplest and most concise games on the list, with a very minimalist design that reminds us more of a mobile game than a computer game, with a more simplified graphic section. This Zen Chess is focused on a casual audience that seeks to play loose and fast games without much fanfare.

In we find many challenges to overcome created by the best masters in the world of chessAs we progress, the challenges become more and more complex, although our objective remains always the same, to checkmate as soon as possible to end up winning the game. Its price is also simple and we can find it in Steam for € 0,99, highly recommended if what we are looking for is just having fun.

Lucas Chess

chess games

Lucas Chess is a game that stands out for being open source, so we can download it for free from its website. We have up to 40 game modes in which we can start at the lowest to improve ourselves until we play games like a true master. Artificial intelligence adapts perfectly to each level of difficulty that At its highest level, it offers us epic games of great quality.

We have a multiplayer mode to face players from all over the world with excellent quality. The game features multitude of settings and configurations so we can modify the games at any time and thus not interrupt the game if something is not as we want.

Shredder Chess

Very interesting game to start in the world of chess, since it is a program designed by and for learning. It has many specialized awards in the sector for its simplicity and its large number of difficulty levels, that allow adaptation for any type of player. The best thing about this program is that it is multiplatform and we can find it on both computers and mobiles, so it is highly recommended.

Its biggest flaw is in the price And it is not a cheap game, its price is € 70 although it has a 30-day trial version for Mac or Windows, while the mobile version costs about € 10 and has a free version cut from which we can enjoy if we are casual players.

Tabletop simulator

chess games

As its name says, it is a great board game simulator, it has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to its wide variety of games, but emphasizing its chess game aspect it is being recommended in many of the forums dedicated to chess. Unlike the others, this game allows us to create a game to our liking with our own rules, making chess stop being chess.

Also, as we have mentioned, we can play many other classic board games, such as checkers, cards, dominoes or even Warhammer. We have an online mode to play against players from all over the world through the Steam servers. The interaction of this game is such that if the game is not going as we expected, we can unleash all our anger against the game board and end the game the hard way, although our rival may not be very amused. The game is available in Steam for € 19,99 in its normal version or € 54,99 in its 4-pack version that includes all its additional content.

Websites to play chess

Here we are going to find some websites where we can play chess online without the need to install an application on our computerWe also do not have minimum requirements since we will play via streaming from our favorite web browser.

Popular and complete website where we can find a multitude of game engines and a rankings board where we can find more than 5 million games from all parts of the world. If we want to play online, it will match us with rivals according to our skill level. We have a single player mode in which we will have to select the difficulty.

This web program contains many settings for the game, although it may seem simple but it is quite worked and a great advantage is that we can access it from any platform in which we have an integrated web browser.


Another Very popular website among chess fans, on this website we can test our skills with other online players, as well as play against a powerful artificial intelligence. We also find a multitude of tips and tutorials to improve our skills and be increasingly competitive.

If we inquire we find all kinds of information and documentation provided by the best chess masters, as well as a news board where we can find all the news regarding chess or upcoming events. Like the previous website, this can be used from any device that has an integrated web browser, so we can enjoy it from our mobile.

If chess falls short and we are looking for stronger emotions, we can take a look at this other video game list where we find the best motorcycle games for PC. It should be said that we are open to any suggestions and we will be happy to assist you in the comments.



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