The best shooting games for PC

If any genre stands out over any other on the PC platform, that is the Shotters (shooting games). It is on this platform where these games are usually most exploited, having a large catalog of all of them, both in the first person and in the third person. We can also find competitive games, where the online aspect gains weightMany of those online games are what we can see in Esports. Playing with a keyboard and mouse give a lot of room for improvement, since aiming while moving becomes much easier.

Within the genre of shooting games, we find the typical ones with a campaign mode, where a well-told story accompanies us, the competitive ones of team games, where cooperation with our friends is vital to be victorious, or the battle royale, where finding the best team on the map helps us win the game, both alone and with others. In this article we are going to show you the best shooting games for PC.

Call of Duty: WarZone

It can not be missing in any top, Call of Duty has managed to create an unprecedented game improving what was seen with Blackout in Call of Duty Black Ops 4. A huge map based on the Modern Warfare 2 maps with a huge area where 150 players hunt each other until the last one standing. The game has several modalities, among which we can play individually, duos, trios or quartets, forming a team with our friends through the internet. The game also offers us some game modes eventually in the form of events, such as Halloween or Christmas.

This game has cross-platform play, so if we have it activated we will enter into combat with all the platforms for which the title is available, these being PC, PlayStation4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S. If we do not want to cross the game to balance the scale, we can deactivate it at any time. The best thing about this title is that it is completely free, offering payments within the application for the purchase of weapon or character skins. The important thing is that these payments do not offer any advantage, we can also purchase a battle pass for € 10.

DOOM Eternal

The direct sequel to the award-winning reboot of the saga released in 2016 developed by ID Software, where it seeks to offer the best combination of speed, frenzy and fire possible. The game stands out for its individual aspect that offers us spectacular combats against creatures from the underworld where the most outstanding thing is how brutal they can be, due to the Gore they offer. In DOOM Eternal, the player takes the role of the slayer of death (DOOM Slayer) and we return to take revenge against the forces of hell.

The game also stands out for a superb soundtrack and a visual section that removes the hiccups regardless of the platform where we play it, but on PC it is where we can enjoy it in all its splendor, making use of a very high Framerate on 144Hz monitors.

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Undoubtedly one of the most popular games of recent years, it has become a true phenomenon, a game played by both old and young. It is a Battle Royale where the team or player who is last standing wins. We must explore its large map in search of equipment to fight against rivals. Like WarZone, it has crossover play so both PC and console gamers will play together if they choose to.

Fortnite stands out from the rest of Battle Royale for its animated aesthetics and its third-person perspective, it also has a construction system that gives a lot of variety to the gameplay. If you are looking for a fun game to play with in company, with a less serious aesthetic, it is undoubtedly a great option. The game is free, it has purchases within the application through a virtual currency that we must acquire previously. We can also acquire the battle pass to get extras based on playing it.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

The Master Chief is an Xbox icon and is now available to all PC players, an opportunity to play the entire Halo saga. A pack that includes Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4. All of them with better resolution and improved performance, games with deep single-player modes, to enjoy one of the best sagas developed by Microsoft alone.

In addition, Microsoft has included a large number of dedicated servers for multiplayer, the game enjoys cross-play between Xbox and PC, so there will be no lack of players for your games. With a first person perspective and some alien enemies that will put us on the ropes and a very fun gameplay.

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Rainbow Six: Siege

Another game that stands out for its competitive side, it is the latest installment of the well-known Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six saga, which includes single-player, cooperative and 5 v 5 multiplayer modes. Based on combats between policemen and terrorists, while the Terrorists settle in a structure, the police team must kill them with different styles of raids. The game features thirty classes divided by nationality, each of which specializes in a type of weapon or skill.

R6 enjoys one of the most powerful communities on PC, focusing its greatest weight on the online side and Esports. Since its launch in 2015, the game has not stopped receiving free updates and seasons that give it infinite life, in addition to alleviating some bugs that arise or the intrusion of cheaters. The game currently has a very attractive price, it can be played alone but it is recommended to play it with friends to enjoy it.

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Apex Legends

It could not be missing in this list, from the creators of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment has brought out the best of the Titanfall saga, although it renounces its name, it does not do so in the spirit of the franchise with a frantic and crazy gameplay. The game has a large map where we face a multitude of players or teams in a fight where whoever is last will win, as in any battle royale.

We highlight its great variety of characters, in which we find special abilities, such as a robot with a hook that it will help to reach high platforms. or a character capable of using ultra speed or creating a jump platform that will transport us to the other end of the map. All accompanied by a wide variety of weapons to which we can add ingame accessories, so if we get a rifle without accessories, we can add them as we get them or take them from downed enemies. The game is free with in-app payments.

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Metro Exodus

The last of the Metro saga, based on a post-apocalyptic world where monsters rule the streets, the game tells the story of Artyom, the protagonist of previous games, on his difficult mission to start a new life in the east of cold Russia . The game features dynamic weather with night and day phases on a huge map that hides many secrets and quite terrifying moments.

Exodus has a fairly open development and a changing world where exploration and gathering resources are as important as combat against creatures. It does not have multiplayer, something strange to see in a first person shooter game, but it is appreciated that you do not forget that shooting in first person can also carry a plot behind. The soundtrack of the game helps to immerse yourself in its universe is total.

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Half Life: Alyx

Last but not least, we mention one of the surprises of 2020, it is the latest installment of Half Life. No, it is not the expected Half Life 3, Alyx is an innovative game that makes use of virtual reality to transport us to the universe of Half Life in the best possible way. The events of its magnificent history place us between the first and second games of the saga and puts us in the shoes of Alyx Vance. The enemy grows stronger and stronger, while the resistance recruits new soldiers to fight it.

Without a doubt it is the best virtual reality game to date, we are going to enjoy it both for its narrative and for its gameplay, its duration is extraordinary despite being a VR game, which usually sins of short duration. Its settings are what any fan of the series would expect, with an incredible atmosphere and settings that allow us to interact with almost any element we find. The community works tirelessly to create mods and expand the game. The game is undoubtedly one of the most demanding on PC, so we will need quite modern equipment, as well as compatible glasses.

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