Contextual menu

Context Menu Example

Context Menu Example

Today we'll see what is the context menu and what is it for. We will also see how the context menu changes depending on the location of the cursor on the screen and for the more daring and experienced I will offer information on how to modify the context menu by adding or removing elements from it. Well let's start with the definition of "context menu".

What is the context menu?

The context menu ands the window that opens when we right-click mouse. This menu is a living element of the operating system since it is modified by adding new items to the context menu as we install new programs.

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Not all the programs we install add elements to the contextual menu and it would have to be said that fortunately, otherwise this menu would grow in an exaggerated way, hindering its main function. What is the main function of the context menu?, keep reading:

What is the context menu for?

The context menu serves to facilitate our daily work with our computer. When we open the context menu by clicking with the right button of the mouse (the left one if you have it configured for left-handed users) we obtain a window in which there are many options such as creating a folder or direct access, compressing a file, playing your mp3s, scanning a file with the antivirus, etc, and we can do all of this directly and without having to open the program involved in the selected action in advance.

As I said before, depending on the area of ​​your screen on which you open the contextual menu, it will present one aspect or another differing in the elements that it shows or contains in its menu. Let's look at some examples.

Windows XP desktop context menu

If we click with the right mouse button on a free area of ​​your desktop, we obtain the following contextual menu:
Windows XP desktop context menu
In it you will see everything you can do with the elements that are on your desktop, such as organizing the icons. If we put the cursor over any menu item that has an arrow on its side, another drop-down menu will appear as you can see in the image above.

Although we are talking about the context menu of Windows XP, this is also similar for Windows 7 and Windows 10. Despite the fact that the system has been updated over all these years, the context menu is still there and has a similar operation in all versions.

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Context menu of a file

If we click on a file the contextual menu will vary depending on the extension that has that file (its format). For example, this is the context menu of a file with the extension PDF.

Context menu of a PDF file

In this menu we see elements that did not appear in the contextual menu from the Windows desktop, such as the "Scan ..." option to check with the antivirus that the PDF file does not contain viruses or other known threats. We can also see the "IZArc" element that opens a second menu with which we can compress the PDF file using the compressor IZArc.

But as I have already said, this menu will vary depending on the type of file on which we call it. For example, if we open the context menu by right-clicking on a .DOC file (Word file) instead of on a .PDF file, we obtain the following context menu.

DOC file context menu

As you can see, this menu is more extensive than the previous one and also includes the print option that the other contextual menu did not bring.

We can find many different context menusWe have already seen some but the variations are endless, in almost all programs we will find contextual menus to help us perform tasks more quickly without having to navigate through the toolbars of each program. So we are only going to see the examples already shown.

I wanted to explain today what contextual menus are and what they are for because in future tutorials I will refer to them and if someone does not know what contextual menus are, they will only have to stop by to get an idea.

For those who want to know more about contextual menus, I will tell you that it is possible to code them by adding or removing elements from it. While some of these operations can be done easily, others are much more complex and are beyond the scope of this article. Another day we will see how to easily do some modification in context menu. For now and for those who want to have full control over the context menu, I recommend that you read this article about the context menu, but with a clear WARNING, the article is not recommended for novice and inexperienced users as you have to manipulate the Windows registry to modify the context menu. On the other hand, I recommend that everyone who has more experience take a look at both the article and the page of Erwind ried.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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