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Since LG launched the LG G2 on the market, it has been gaining prominence in the mobile phone market and especially in the so-called high-end market. This smartphone, which many users still have and use daily, was a before and after for the company of South Korean origin. The LG G3 garnered an enormous amount of applause from not only users, but also many experts and the LG G4 finished to elevate LG as one of the best manufacturers of the moment.

In 2016, the new LG G5 is expected to hit the market, something that could happen in a few days within the framework of the Mobile World Congress, which one more year will be held in Barcelona and there are already many rumors and leaks that we have known about this new flagship that will surely boast an outstanding design and flashy specifications.

Although there are still a few days left for the presentation of this LG G5, we have decided to create this article in which we officially order everything we know so far about the new LG flagship. Also of course we are going to echo all or almost all the rumors about this terminal, to end up having a complete vision of what the G5 will be.


The design of the latest LG devices have been at least curious and different from what we can find in most terminals on the market. With all the buttons on the back and clean edges, they have differentiated themselves from other manufacturers, although we believe that without fully convincing all users.

Render LG G5

Maybe for this the new LG G5 could reach the market with the buttons placed on the sides, discarding the idea of ​​placing them on the back of the device. This is far from confirmed and is that although we have been able to see several images of the supposed design of the smartphone, none of them match almost anything.

According to various rumors, we could be facing a modular mobile device, thanks to which we could disassemble several of its parts, as you can see in the image you can see below. In addition, everything indicates that we would finally stop seeing a terminal with plastic finishes and also without the presence of the elegant leather that we could see in the LG G4.

Technical Specifications

As for the technical specifications almost all the rumors suggest that the LG G5 will mount a 5,3-inch QHD screen. Inside we would find the new processed Snapdragon 820 and a 21 megapixel front camera and an 8 megapixel front camera.

There is no doubt that we will be facing a terminal of the so-called high-end, for lack of knowing how much RAM the terminal will offer us, although almost certainly it will be between 3 and 4 GB so that everything moves without any problem and the Qualcomm processor does not suffer at any time.

Regarding the camera, it is expected to follow in the footsteps of the one we saw in the LG G4 and that many dared to say that we were looking at the best camera on the market ever mounted on a mobile device. Some of its functions, such as the option to work with it manually, hopefully continue to be very present in the LG G5.

Special features and options


The latest smartphones launched by LG have been characterized for better or for worse by being different from those of other manufacturers. Both in design and in specifications and functions and options we have been able to see well differentiated terminals. This has undoubtedly been one of the reasons why the LG G3 or LG G4 has been a great seller in the market.

One of the novel features that LG's next flagship could include is the iris scanner that would allow any user to be recognized by their iris. It is not clear what applications it could have, but as a security measure it could be almost perfect, although its final operation will have to be seen if LG finally decides to include it among the features of its new mobile device.

It is also to be assumed that the camera will continue to be one of its strengths, with software specifications somewhat different from those of the rest of the manufacturers.

Finally, from design, one of the most special and different aspects of LG smartphones we have already talked about before, but it goes without saying that We are convinced that it will be one of those special things that will win us over from the LG G5.


Launch and price


As we already showed you days ago, LG has sent the invitation to an event next February 21, just one day before the opening of the Mobile World Congress and in which it is taken for granted that the new LG G5 will be officially presented.

This invitation is accompanied by the logo "Play begins", something like how the game begins, if we translate it literally into Spanish. Maybe LG will offer us a device oriented so that we can enjoy playing without rest? I don't think so, rather I think they want us to see that the game of being able to enjoy a terminal enormously will begin on February 21.

Its arrival on the market could occur in the month of March at a price that is still one of the great unknowns that we have yet to reveal. If the LG G5 once again has plastic as the main protagonist, the price will be one, but if finally, as everything points out, it is dressed in metal, we will surely see how we will have to pay a few euros more than what we did for example with the LG G4.

LG has sent to the media invitations for the event that will take place on February 21, one day before the official opening of MWC 2016. "Play begins", the game begins is the name of the event in which we hope that the G5 be introduced. If so, the G5 could be launched on the market in March.

What would we like to see in the new LG G5?

Many things are expected from the LG G5, practically as from each of the high-end smartphones that reach the market. Now that we have seen and reviewed everything or almost everything that we could see in the new LG terminal, the time has come to tell you everything we would like to see in the new flagship of the South Korean firm.

A good battery

One of the weakest points of the LG G3 and LG G4 is without a doubt its battery. LG has been at the height in terms of features and specifications, but in neither of the two terminals has it been able to incorporate a battery that is up to the task. Hopefully things change a lot in the new LG G5 and finally we can enjoy a battery and in general an optimization of everything that surrounds it that allows us a much greater autonomy.

LG, take note and offer us a battery that allows us, at least to reach the end of the day with the LG G5 without going through too much trouble.

We don't want more plastic


Despite the fact that in the LG G4 the plastic used for the construction of the terminal had a quite interesting finish, with also the final touch of leather, we are generally tired of mobile devices with plastic finishes. It cannot be that paying the amount of money that we pay for a terminal of the so-called high-end this is finished in plastic.

From the LG G5 we expect to see a metallic finish and if it can be, at least in my opinion, I hope they discard the leather of the back cover and I do not think it is a material to place on a back cover that is filled with filth with great ease, ruining the beautiful leather finish in the blink of an eye.

An outstanding camera

The camera of the LG G4 was without any doubt outstanding and I hope that the one of the LG G5 is at least equal if not somewhat superior.. Also for asking, I hope that the same options are maintained and that we can manually squeeze the G5 camera for example to get great quality photographs.

Opinion freely

In a few days we will finally be able to meet the LG G5, which we expect a lot from and which we also hope will not disappoint us. Its price will undoubtedly be one of the great assets to succeed in the market and that is that LG usually offers its terminals with a price well below the average set by the market.

If the price of the LG G5 continues the trend set by the South Korean company, get ready, because we can have an outstanding smartphone available on the market at a very reduced price.

What do you expect from the LG G5?. You can tell us your opinion about it in the space reserved for comments on this post or through one of the social networks where we are present.


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