Top 10 survival games for PC


The genre of survival has spread greatly in recent years, the increasing capacity of our PCs and the increasingly refined graphics engines have filled a genre with life and variety that undoubtedly has many followers. We have since Post apocalyptic worlds invaded by zombies, space odysseys, shipwrecks on the high seas, even an age of dinosaurs. Different worlds that coincide in the same pattern, survival as the only objective to achieve.

In this article we want to review the 10 that in our opinion have marked the genre the most, capable of keeping us hooked for months, both in company and alone, making our experience an adventure. Anything goes as long as you survive, hunt, build, flee, eat, sleep and above all fight against any adversity. In addition to collaboration, something that will undoubtedly make things much easier for us in this exciting video game genre. Stay with us for the 10 best examples of survival for PC.

Ark: Survival Evolved

The age of the dinosaurs returns to our lives with this exciting first-person survival game. It is not by far the most refined video game on the market, but if one of the most popular and fun in recent years. It has many characteristics that make its development great and an enriching experience of survival and action. All takes place on a dangerous island full of dinosaurs.


The game is open world, so we have the entire map unlocked from the beginning, It started out as an early access game, so the first users suffered endless bugs that prevented deep enjoyment of it. Now we are faced with an adventure in which to stay safe we ​​will have to get food and water, adapt to sudden changes in temperature.

Even if we disconnect, our character will remain immersed in the world, so it is important to build a shelter where we can spend the night safe from the dangers that inhabit the area. We can grow our own food and form a tribe with other inhabitantsThis is highly recommended as cooperation can save our lives.


Different and unique game like no other, in which we find a beautiful underwater world in which we must enter, precious as well as dangerous. We will enter an alien underwater world in which the life of all kinds of creatures is overflowing. Our mission will be to survive all the dangers that are hidden, among which the fauna stands out, much more lethal than it may seem at first.


We will be very interested in getting a refuge where we can rest and for this we will look for resources throughout the extensive map. We can build our own vehicles to make long journeys more bearable and avoid these dangerous creatures that lurk in every corner. Subnautica is a highly recommended game if you want to enjoy a beautiful and dangerous experience.

The Forest

What is the worst thing that can happen to you when surviving a terrible plane crash? We will think that after suffering that accident nothing that happens to us can be worse, but our protagonist has the bad luck of landing in a huge forest full of mutant cannibals, in the purest style the hills have eyes. The game does not give us truce, since at all times we have the feeling that something is watching us and is about to attack us. Feeling of never being safe, we cannot lower our guard because at any moment we will have to flee or face a fight.

The forest

This adventure has dangers behind each tree, dangers that we have to face, a good resource against this is the creation of weapons. We will build our camps and bonfires to fight the cold. But we cannot hide forever, as we will need to explore to collect supplies and resources to continue to thrive in the adventure.

Conan Exiles

As the name suggests, this game is based on the atmosphere of Conan the Barbarian. A world where we will have to strive to regain the glory of our clan and conquer the maximum possible territories. To achieve our goal we must explore a rich world full of elements and places full of resources, but always paying attention to the weather as both cold and heat can be lethal. We will face ruthless human enemies but also creatures.

conan exiles

At first it may seem like a very basic game where we just fight and rest, but its world is full of corners where we will discover many hidden secrets. We will have to face battles between clans, sieges, construction of cities and their defense. If you are a fan of the Conan universe, this game will make you spend hours of fun.


One of the pioneers of the survival genre on PC, known and very popular among fans of the apocalyptic world plagued by a zombie epidemic. Their games are totally Online, in which we will meet users from all over the world, but also we can play with our friends and form a good squad to defend ourselves both of the dead who want to devour us, and of human enemies who will want to loot us to keep everything we have achieved.


Chernarus, the scene of the game is a world plagued by the abandonment and neglect of its citizens due to the pandemic it has suffered, where the only thing left on its streets are the undead. We will have to survive and be careful with our wounds since we can become infected or even catch diseases. The weather is also important and we will have to build our own shelters, since it will be one of the few places where we can be totally safe. The only downside is the community, maintenance by developers is poor and some users engage in hacks to annoy to other users.

State of Decay 2

More undead and more world devastated by a pandemic, is the calling card of this survival video game. In this case, each game is different, because each time we start the objectives to achieve and its inhabitants will be different. Not only will we have to face zombies to survive, we will also have to be very attentive to other humans who will want to loot our shelter.

State of Decay 2

The game is online but the single player side is fun and rewarding. It is advisable to play it online with some friends and cooperate to make the experience something more profound, where sharing and fighting by joining forces will be our best asset. For all this we will constantly receive rewards, which will make us progress and have the feeling that each time we play we have improved a little.

Green Hell

Green hell as the title itself tells us, this video game is set in the Amazon jungle. We will be totally alone in this beautiful but at the same time terrifying landscape, where our main task will be to fight for survival. We will have to manage not only to create a fire to cook or warm ourselves, we will also have to find a way to build our shelter or do it in a cave, with the danger that this entails.

Green Hell

It seems like a survival game set in the jungle, until we realize that our protagonist is losing his mind. Let's say it is fully compressible in a situation of this draft. Not only can we die of hunger, but we will also have to heal any possible wounds or infections that we suffer. It includes a rich body inspection system, which makes it much easier for us to heal it. We can enjoy the adventure alone or multiplayer cooperative.


In Rust the adventure begins as God brought us into the world, totally naked, which conveys the urgent need to move forward to alleviate the situation. We will look for stones and logs to make a fire, to use the meat to feed ourselves and the skins to dress. This seems easy, but the game is full of other human users who mostly just want to rob us. Therefore we have to fight against them to be victorious.


Wild animals and humans are a constant in Rust, so we will have to build our village and fortify it to protect ourselves from them. It is an online game so humans are other players from around the world. The key is item crafting, with a clear focus on construction. As we move forward we will see that the best option is to form alliances with other players to fight together against all dangers and share resources.


The most popular video game of all time, without a doubt the best example of the popularity of this genre. It is a nice game for all audiences but full of hostility. The aspect of this title is undoubtedly the crafting of items and the construction of infrastructures. When everything seems calmer, we can be invaded by enemies, from creatures to other users.


Countless classes of enemies inhabit its immense world, so it is convenient to take advantage of every moment to collect as many resources as possible. Exploration is one of the most important aspects of the gameSince it depends on whether we manage to advance, we will enter a multitude of dungeons and for this we will have to be well prepared, both in weapons and armor.


We end the list with something different from the rest, an intergalactic game where what we explore are seven planets from another solar system. We will have the ability to modify the terrain and explore every inch of each planet as we please. It will be very important to collect all kinds of resources as is usual in this genre, as well as create vehicles or bases to rest.


Like most of the members of this list, it can be played cooperatively, which will greatly expand the game options. Not only will we be able to explore the surface, we will also have an underground underworld where valuable treasures to be discovered will be hidden as well as materials to improve our ship.

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