How to upload photos to Instagram from PC


Instagram has been crowned as one of the most popular applications worldwide. The social network has millions of users, in addition to continuing to grow at a good rate over time. At first, this social network was born as an application for mobile phones. Although later the web version of it was created. Which allows browsing from the computer in it.

Little by little more functions have been introduced in this web version of Instagram. In fact it is the one that has to be used if you want to delete the account. One of the functions that have been introduced in the same is the possibility of uploading photos. Therefore, you can upload photos to your profile from your computer.

It is a function that can be very useful at many times. So if you don't have the phone nearby, or if the photo you want to upload is stored on your computer, making use of this function can be very convenient. Therefore, it is important to know the way in which this possibility works on Instagram. Below we will tell you all about the way in which you can upload photos to the social network from its desktop version.

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Upload photos to Instagram on PC

Instagram enter profile

As is logical, the first thing to do is enter the web version of the social network, this link. You have to log in to the user's account, in case there is not already a session started. Once the session has been started in the social network, you have to enter the user's profile. It is done by clicking on the person-shaped icon in the upper right. It's the third icon from the left. You can also click on the username that appears on the right side of the screen. Both options lead us to the profile. So we can start.

So, when we are already inside the profile, we look at the icons that appear to the right of the username. Here you can see that the icon on the far right is a camera with several colored stripes, which has a + symbol in the lower right. This is the icon on which we have to press to be able to upload photos on Instagram from the PC. So when we click on it, the process of uploading said photo that we want to upload on the social network begins. The steps to follow are shown below.

Upload Photos from PC to Instagram: Steps

Upload Instagram photo

When we click on said icon, the first thing we are asked is if we want to add this photo to the profile or stories. Each user must select the option that interests them. In this case, what we are going to do is upload a photo to our profile on Instagram. Therefore, we select that option on the screen. This is the button that appears in blue on the screen.

Next, a window will open on the screen in which we have to choose the photo we want to upload on Instagram. This is like when we want to upload photos on a web page or send by mail. Therefore, what we have to do is go to the location on the computer where the photo in question that we want to upload in our profile is located. So we use the file explorer to get to that specific location. When we have found the photo, just click on it and hit the open button in that window.

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Once the photo is chosen, this photo will appear on your screen on Instagram. The first step that is offered is to adjust the size of it. So that it fits the size of the photo that we find in the social network. Therefore, we must cut and adjust it depending on what we want. Then we can give the following, where we can continue with the preparation of the publication of said photo.

Upload Instagram photo

In the next step we can then write the text that we want to put in the publication of the photo in our profile. It is allowed to enter text and also hashtags in case you want to use them. In this way, the photo would already be ready. When we click on next, said photo will be published on our profile in the well-known social network directly. The process is now over. The photo can be seen already in the profile. So our followers can see it, like it or leave comments on it at any time.

Differences with uploading from the smartphone

Instagram logo

If you use Instagram regularly, you will have noticed that there are clear differences in the process of uploading a photo from the PC. The main change is that if we upload a photo from the computer, there are hardly any editing options for that photo. If you upload a photo from your smartphone to the social network, there are several editing options.

In addition to resizing the photo, filters can be added to get the desired effect. So that photo can be modified in a remarkable way. But this is not possible (at least not yet) on the PC version of Instagram. The only thing that can be done in this case is to adjust the size of the photo that you want to upload. But there is no other option to adjust the photo, introduce filters or make any changes, which does exist in the original version of it.

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Therefore, although uploading a photo on Instagram from the PC version is something simple, in addition to being very useful, it is not the same. So that those users interested in being able to edit said photo, you must take this into consideration. Since if you want to be able to introduce filters in the photo in question, then you have to use the upload of photos from the smartphone.

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