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Do you want watch DTT online? Sometimes we don't have a television nearby to watch TV, but we do have a computer with an internet connection. There is also the possibility that we want to see, for example, a regional channel that is not available in our area, so a good way to see it is by visiting pages that offer online television. In any search engine we can find lots of pages that promise free online television, but many of them do not offer what they promise. That is why we have decided to create this article to offer you what we have considered to be the best pages to watch television online.

As usual, the following list is not put in order of quality or importance, but we have added them as we have visited them. The following pages have been working at the time of this post, but some channels may not work sometime. The normal thing is that they replace them when they realize that they have fallen, but it is not necessary to assume that they will always work all. It is even possible that one of the following pages to watch tv online for free in spanish closing in the future. We leave you with the list. 

Websites to watch DTT online

If all you want is watch DTT channels online, the best are the next three pages. What is on these pages is a selection of links to official pages of each channel, so there is no better way to watch these channels online. They are not the pages with the greatest variety of channels, but they are worth keeping them in the bedroom, just in case.

In any case, below you have a compilation of websites to watch DTT online in which in addition to the classic channels of digital terrestrial television, you may find a pay channel or one that is broadcast in other countries.

My Online Tele

my online TV





TV direct

Live TV to watch TV online for free in Spanish


In the pages that you have below there are channels of all kinds available. Among these channels there will be channels for adults, sports and themes of all kinds of content that, normally, will be pay channels. The use of these channels is the responsibility of each user. Actualidad Gadget only provides the links to the pages that, in turn, offer the channels themselves.


verdirectotv to see tdt online

At VERDIRECTOTV we have a wide variety of channels. We can see DTT channels, movies, documentaries, drawings, regional ... And there are not only Spanish channels, since there are also international. We will see this, above all, in the sports section, where there are channels to watch sporting events that are free in other countries. It is worth having it saved in favorites, without a doubt.



see you for free

In VerLaTeleGratis we will also have a great list of channels, bigger than the previous one. The sections are on the right, a little below, and in the list of categories we can see that there are also channels from different countries (in a parenthesis the number of channels). With such a large list, it is very likely that some channels are not available, but they usually replenish them as soon as they find out that a channel has gone down.


Free tv, website to watch tdt online

In TVgratis we have another lot of channels spread over a lot of categories (you can see them in the screenshot). There is science, sports, entertainment and everything we can imagine. There are also channels from many countries and some are present soccer team channels, for example. Logically, having such a large list, it is likely that there are also links that are down, but it is the price you have to pay to watch television online.



telefivegb, page to watch TV online

In TeleFiveGB we will find the largest list I have found, from different countries, many links for the same channel and of all kinds. It seems that his preference is sports channels, but in TeleFiveGB we will find everything, such as Canal + or regional channels. Do not hesitate to save it in your favorites to keep an eye on it when you want to see any type of event.




In TDTvision, although we can clearly read DTT, there are not only DTT channels. We also have other channels available such as Canal + (several of them), Syfy, Gol TV or the NASA channel. In addition, it has all the regional channels available and to have, as well as a curious link of movies on YouTube (which is only a search with the text "full movie" on the video platform). It does not include excessive advertising, which is appreciated on a website of this type.


Pros and cons

Now I find it interesting to comment on the pros and cons of watch internet tv:

Advantages of watching DTT online

  • We can watch tv without a DTT socket. This can be especially useful in our rooms where, normally, we do not have a TV or where to connect it.
  • Channels of all kinds, including sports and adult content. If you want, here you can see the best websites to watch football online.
  • Free. In this list, everything is free, including the channels from the previous point. If, for whatever reason, you are asked to enter the telephone number or any type of personal data, it is part of the advertising that is on the page, which is a against of those that I write below

Cons of watching DTT online

  • Advertise until boring. There is so much publicity that you can say without fear that it can be disgusting. In some, you have to close the pop-up's several times while we see anything. We have not added a quality page to this list because we open dozens of pop-up windows that then have to be manually closed one by one.
  • Mediocre quality image and sound. This should come as no surprise, but watching TV in (pseudo) direct, the picture rarely goes beyond SD quality.
  • There may be cuts. Depending on the web, it is likely that we will see how the video, the image or both are cut and it can also go out of time at times.
  • Always or almost always it will be necessary Flash Player.
  • Must have good connection. If you want to watch television online, you will have to have a fairly decent connection. I would say that, at least, it would take 6mb to see it without cuts, as long as the channel's broadcaster has no problems. If we see it with less speed, it is likely that we experience cuts and the reason is none other than because it has to fill the cache before playing the content.

Do you know more pages for watch DTT online? Tell us the websites that you use to watch free online TV in Spanish.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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