We analyze the Sony Gold Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 [REVIEW]


When it comes to playing, especially if we take advantage of the characteristics of many multiplayer games, it is important that we are in perfect audio conditions. That is why most users nowadays decide to do without speaker systems and opt for quality headphones to give it their all in their games. However, when we are faced with systems like PlayStation 4, with restrictions at the level of wireless connection or Bluetooth, we have to weigh many possibilities. Today we are going to analyze the Sony Gold Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0, the official headphones for PlayStation 4 that become one of the most efficient alternatives, yes, they are not cheap.

It is true that we can find headphones of all prices, from approximately twenty euros we will find headphones from brands like Tritton that will offer us enough quality to play and with a built-in microphone. However, we are faced with these Gold Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 that cost almost four times more than the previous ones, what is the reason? We are going to analyze the pros, cons and characteristics of these Sony headphones, which we will tell you from the outset that they have left us astonished. Let's go there with the review, and if you don't feel like reading, don't miss our video.

The structure and manufacturing materials

First of all, something that impresses us is that when we take them out of the box we are faced with plastic, perhaps less rigid than we could imagine. The headband is made entirely of polycarbonate, meanwhile, the inside of the headband is made of a soft material, presumably a sponge, which is also covered by a strip of blue poly leather that seems to adhere to the upper part of the headband.

As for the hearing aids, the part in contact with the controls, the charging connection and the rest of the equipment, is made of a material that imitates rubber, which gives a feeling of robustness that the headband lacks and that we ensures resistance to the passage of time touch after touch of the keypad. As for the sponges for the ears, here they have not wanted to sin from scratches, it offers us a great pad that guarantees us comfort. This pad is also covered in poly-leather, something that we do not know how it will affect over time, but it has a good chance of being the first element to peel off if we do not treat it properly.

Convenience of use and transport


The headband has a folding system that surprises with the ease with which it moves. Simply by executing a minimum force on one of the headphones we can fold the headphones back on themselves, first from one side and then the other, without any kind of preference or need to force the plastic parts. This part is essential when transporting them.

To take them from one place to another, Sony has seen fit to include a small microfiber bag that will allow us to insert the headphones previously folded, in this way, we can take them from there to here without having to carry them hanging (they are quite portentous) or in their box.


The headphones and ear pads are designed to be enjoyed, they have a fairly large padding and an ergonomic shape, this means that the hole is intended for us to fully insert the ears, that way we will not find any type of element that produces pressure over the ears. This point is decisive for users who wear glasses, since when inserting the ear It does not produce pressure on the temples of the glasses and you can play for many hours without worrying about this problem that many other headphones lack. In the same way, the headphones do not tighten too much, however, the total isolation of the ear means that on occasion we can feel discomfort due to the heat.

It is a characteristic and comfort point that the microphone It does not stand out on any side, it is integrated into one of the headphones, which prevents us from breaking it easily or bothering us when playing. As for autonomy, it will offer us around eight hours.

Audio quality and customization


We are facing headphones that were planning to be sold as 7.1, but obviously they are not. Some 7.1 headphones include a series of smaller headphones within the main one, and we are hardly going to find headphones with those characteristics for less than two hundred euros. Nevertheless Why do these headphones offer 7.1 sound when they cost so much less? Because Sony leverages the features and applications of the PlayStation 4 to deliver virtual 3D sound that simulates 7.1. In this way, as soon as you put them on and play games like Call of Duty, you will notice that the sound is overwhelming, you hear footsteps, shots and movements from all angles as if you were there.

This sound feature «VSS»Or 3D is lost as soon as we use the headphones outside of the PlaySation 4 system. At that point, they become good quality stereo headphones, with an interesting reinforcement in the bass and whose main feature, the external insulation, comes out.


However, They are headphones clearly focused on playing and enjoying playingYes, on PlayStation 4 systems. It is clear that you will find headphones with better sound for music on your mobile at that price, but you will not find any headphones that give the same sound characteristics on PlayStation 4 at the same price, nor similar.

Another key aspect is the PlayStation 4 app. As soon as we connect them we will have access to an application with dozens of profiles that we can load into the memory of our headphones using the microUSB. In this way, we can configure one of the two audio modes that the headphones have, either for shooting games, cars or strategy. A feature that only these headphones can benefit from.

As to microphone, it offers a fairly clean sound without interference, however, it is advisable to deactivate it when we are playing alone, since if it emits a tiny buzz that can become annoying if we play at low volume.

Connectivity and user interface


We must emphasize that although you can imagine it, the headphones they do not have Bluetooth technology. This would cause problems with the connection of the DualShock 4 and Sony knows it. Therefore, a USB connection is included with the headphones that outputs in RF, and it will be the one that automatically connects with the headphones. It is not only used for the PlayStation 4, we can connect this USB to our PC or any audio element and we will receive the sound via RF in our PlayStation 4 headphones.

All control controls are located on the left ear cup. In this way we will have a button panel that will allow us to prioritize between the audio of the chat or that of the video game. Just below this, we find a mode switch, we have «OFF» to turn off the headphones, «1» for the standard mode and «2» for the mode that we have previously loaded into memory from the application.


On the other side we find the classic volume button, just above the possibility of activating and deactivating the "VSS" 3d audio virtaulization and at the bottom a "mute" button for the microphone that will allow us to silence it quickly.

Finally, at the absolute bottom we have a 3,5mm jack connection for when we are without battery and the microUSB input to charge the battery and system information.

Content and price


The packaging that Sony offers in these headphones is quite good. When we open it, we will first find the headphones and just below a box with the following elements: Micro USB cable, 3,5mm Jack cable, USB Dongle and microfiber carrying bag.

Depending on where we get the headphones, the price may vary between € 89 and € 76, HERE We leave you the Amazon link so you can get them at the best price.

Editor's opinion

We are facing the best quality-price headphones that offer absolute customization for PlayStation 4. Of course, do not look for portability or audio quality to go out or play sports, they are headphones focused on gaming and the system in question .

Gold Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0
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  1.   Leo said

    Hello good, today I just got the headset and I don't know how to connect them I'm using them with the Jack cable because I don't know how it is with wireless.

  2.   Leo said

    Good, it still does not work for me, I don't know if the helmets do not find the device that is connected to the pley, it is flashing along with the remote but it does not connect? …. But the app does recognize them but not and it puts everything on me but they are not heard in the headphones ...
    I'm sorry if it bothered a lot ...