What happens if I block someone on WhatsApp

block contact on whatsapp

If there is a messaging application that has a large following today, it is WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned application is the preferred choice of users for stay in touch with your friends and family In a simple way. Unfortunately, the conversations you have in the app are not always pleasant. Since there may be someone who is bothering you in it.

So when that happens, the option to block a contact is used. An option similar to the one we have in other applications, such as social networks. What happens when a user is blocked on WhatsApp? What consequences does this have?

Block a contact on WhatsApp

How to block a WhatsApp contact on Android

The option to block is something that is resorted to in cases where there is any contact that is bothering you. It may happen that you have broken up with your partner, and she does not stop sending you messages, something you do not want. Or that you have stopped having contact with a specific person, so it does not make sense to keep it as a contact on WhatsApp. In this type of situation, the possibility of blocking a person is used.

In order to block someone, you have to search for this person within WhatsApp. It may be that you have an open chat with her, then enter that chat. Then click on their name at the top of the screen. You then enter the profile of that person in the application. At the bottom there are several options available, one of which is to be able to block to this person directly. In this way said blocking has been made.

If we enter the WhatsApp settings, in the account section and then in privacy, we have there a list with all the contacts that we have blocked in the application. So it is possible to have good control over the people we have blocked in the application at all times. Very simple and comfortable to have this information.

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What happens when I block someone on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp allows us to block all the contacts we want. There is no limit in this regard, so if you want, it would even be possible to block all your contacts in the messaging application. Although, the fact of blocking a contact in the app has a series of consequences that must be taken into account, since they affect the operation of the app, or to communicate with people.

On the one hand, if you block someone in the app, you will not be able to be in contact with said personto. The advantage of blocking someone who bothers you is that this person will not be able to send you messages. They will not be able to communicate with you using the app. So none of his messages will reach you, nor files he sends or if he tries to call you through the app, it will not be possible either. There is no communication between the two in any way. This is something that counts for you too. Since you will not be able to send messages to this person.

Also, you will not be able to see when this person is connected (online) in the application. As this contact is blocked, WhatsApp stops showing this information at all times. So you can't see if it's online, nor can you see the last time this person was online. You will also not be able to see the profile photo of this person, as was possible until now. Although if this person changes their profile picture, the change will be visible to you. So you can keep seeing this. On the contrary, the other person will not be able to see your profile photo at any time.

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If you are or were in a group on WhatsApp with that person, the messages this person sends will not be visible to you. You will not be able to see what this person writes, nor will she be able to see what you write in this group chat. This is something that is going to be kept this way, unless you decide to unblock that person. Otherwise these messages will not be visible. Nor if files are sent in the chat they will be visible.

How to unblock a contact on WhatsApp

How to unblock a WhatsApp contact on Android

It is possible that after a while the decision is made to unblock that person on WhatsApp. It may be that there are no more problems with her or you know that she will not try to contact you anymore. In any case, if this decision to unlock has been made, the application allows a couple of options in this regard. Both very simple and fast.

On the one hand, it is possible to do it from the list where you can see the blocked contacts. So you have to enter the application settings and then in the account section. Within it you must enter Privacy and there is the section where there is a list of blocked contacts. Then, we just have to find that person in the list, click on their name and then this person can be unlocked.

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The other way is to search for this person among your contacts on WhatsApp. In the list of contacts you will see this person and under their name it shows that it is a contact that you have blocked. So, to unlock it, you just have to click on its name. A small window will then appear in which wondering if we want to unblock this contact. As is what you want in this case, you just have to click on that option. This contact has been unlocked.

In this way, when we have unblocked said contact in WhatsApp, means that we can now send each other messages with this person. So communication will be normal again, as it was in the past. If this person tried to write messages to you when you had blocked them, these messages will not reach you.

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