Xiaomi presents a cap to strengthen hair

cap xiaomi cover

Xiaomi do it again and surprises us with an original and curious gadget. At Actualidad Gadget we are used to trying all kinds of accessories and wearables. But so far we had not heard of a cap that strengthens hair. Xiaomi continues to produce new products that for the most part even create trends.

La return to activity in Chinese factories, manages to raise the spirits in other parts of the world where we still suffer unprecedented situations due to COVID 19. And specifically, the return to Xiaomi production, too manages to greatly animate the technological field we like the most. This, as we see, translates into new and innovative accessories.

A cap to stop alopecia

The hair implant is in fashion. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most demanded aesthetic "operations" of the last 3 years. With a significantly exponential growth in recent months. People with hair loss problems who, thanks to a simple intervention, can regain their hair and also their self-esteem.

Xiaomi arrives with a new proposal for those who still do not have a problem of lack of hair but who do notice that it is starting to fall A product that offers the possibility of reinforcing hair growth to the point of stopping hair loss. And he does it with a concept and in a format that we have not seen until now.

cap xiaomi battery

The tall stress level that we suffer daily, a Genetic heritage ungrateful or even poor diet can cause our hair to weaken And let it start to fall Count on a gadget that helps us stop that incipient hair loss And that it strengthens the hair from the root is something to take seriously considering that it comes from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi's cap offers technology to improve hair growth

Thanks to the LLLT laser technology, this fantastic wearable offers a considerable improvement in hair growth. And it does so by strengthening each of the follicles from the root itself. According to its manufacturers, it has been demonstrated up to 80,9% clinical effectiveness. The laser has US medical certification and would be pending approval in other countries. Its penetration to the follicle in a precise way makes it stronger against alopecia.

For information, hair follicles are divided into three phases; growth, degenerative phase and resting phase. Through a 650nm medical laser tested by more than 3.000 doctors and certified for domestic use, can accurately reach follicles between 3 and 5 mm that are not in the growth phase, and that they return to the normal growth phase.

xiaomi laser cap

This technology performs a essential function to activate hair growth and stop hair loss. The laser activates follicles in a resting state and recovers those that are degenerating. After treatment with this «cap» from Xiaomi it has been observed that all of them are reactivated entering the growth phase again like the rest of the healthy follicles.

Format and operation

The accessory itself is not the cap itself. Rather, the cap can conceal or in some way hide the gadget itself. Really it is a small helmet that we could insert into any cap standard size. The 'helmet' features a really light weight of 210 grams It will not bother when we wear it on our heads. And their dimensions sound 203,3 × 178,7 × 87,6 mm.

Although as we say, the little helmet could fit inside any cap, in the pack we have a discreet black cap in which it fits perfectly. Thus you can use it anywhere without attracting attention for wearing something strange on your head. In its operation we find some small difficulty that has been saved by the manufacturers in the best possible way.

cap xiaomi inner helmet

To avoid a considerable weight that we have to carry on our heads, no own battery added. So for your use we would need a USB socket. Something that could greatly limit its use. Therefore, in order not to carry a heavy battery on the head, nor to always need a USB connection, in the batch we found an external battery. Thus, by connecting the cable, we can use it wherever we are without the need for plugs. Yes, a cable will come out from the cap to the connection with the battery, a detail that makes its use can attract attention.

But how long do you have to wear the cap? Its manufacturers claim that we can use the laser for 30 minutes every day. With a daily session of half an hour the results will be noticeable in no time. I know strengthen the scalp, stop hair loss and notice extra growth from the follicles that were inactive.

When to buy the hair loss cap?

If you have problems with hair loss and you have already tried everything, it is normal for this gadget to attract your attention. There are many and very diverse accessories that Xiaomi sells. A huge percentage of them with a high level of satisfaction reported by users. And above all, with a excellent relationship between the quality of the products offered and the price to which we can acquire them.

cap xiaomi pack

It is envisaged that during the first weeks of May You can already buy the Xiaomi cap that will strengthen your hair and prevent it from falling out. Its manufacturers promise that in three months there will be noticeable improvements in hair growth. How much would you be willing to pay to regain normal hair growth without surgical intervention?

The Xiaomi cap will go on sale for an amount less than 200 euros, and it is expected that it would soon be available in the firm's usual sales channels. Definitely an option to consider if you are concerned about hair loss and you are not yet ready to go "sightseeing" in Turkish latitudes.

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