The best mobile rates available on the market

Mobile phone rates

Not too long ago, any user of a mobile device could choose between a few mobile rates, which in most cases were very similar and for which we had to pay large amounts of money. Luckily everything has changed a lot over time and today a good number of mobile operators are present in the market that offer us a huge amount of mobile rates. Some very cheap, which have great differences between them and also with the most varied prices. To do this today we are going to make an interesting comparison between all of them. As it is difficult to start somewhere, we are going to do it by reviewing the top three rates that we can hire right now:

In our country there are still three large operators such as Movistar, Vodafone and Orange, followed at a distance by an already classic one such as MásMóvil (remember that it acquired Yoigo to give an important boost) and the most recent Virgin Telco supported in its national incursion by the Euskaltel group. Around these we have the so-called virtual operators that offer us interesting and cheap rates.

Rate Create your Own Rate 10GB Simyo 10GB 6 € / month
Rate 14.95 Amena 20GB and unlimited. 14.95 € / month
Rate Plus 8GB unlimited calls and 8GB 8.90 € / month
La SinFin Rate unlimited data and unlimited calls 35 € / month
Go Top Orange rate Unlimited data and unlimited calls 35.95 € / month

If you are thinking of changing the operator or changing the rate, stay with us because In this article we are going to show you the best cheap and not so cheap mobile rates available in the market.


Currently mobile rates for Telstra They are one of the most attractive on the market, mainly due to the large number of GB that they offer to users, at relatively low prices. More and more users browse the network of networks for longer, sometimes needing less and less calls and needing much more to have data available to use WhatsApp, Facebook or one of the many other applications that need to be permanently connected to the Internet .

Yoigo's best mobile rates

Yoigo has managed to capture this need of all those users who cannot run out of megabytes in their data plan. In fact, you surely know its most famous fare: La SinFín. This rate has unlimited GB to navigate with your mobile and, in addition, it has unlimited calls. The SinFín de Yoigo is one of the few rates that offers such a high amount of gigabytes to spend for € 35 / month. If you want to take advantage of this reduction in your monthly fee you can do it from here.


In a few months MásMóvil has gone from being a company without much presence in the market as a virtual mobile operator to become the fourth Spanish operator, with the purchase of Yoigo.

MásMóvil's rate offer is divided into two: rates already configured by the Operator and rates that you can configure to your liking. The plans that MásMóvil offers us are two: 8 GB and unlimited calls for € 8,90 for the first three months and 20GB with unlimited calls for € 14,90.

The best mobile rates from MásMóvil

Unlimited calls are the common denominator of MásMóvil's already configured rates. But if you are a person who navigates more than talks with your mobile phone, the best option for you would be to configure your rate to measure. In this way, you can add the maximum amount of gigs (20GB) and calls at 0 cents per minute. With this configuration you will be able to save a few euros compared to the one that MásMóvil already has with 8GB.

Contract any of these rates by clicking here.


Orange is currently in a tough bid together with Vodafone to have the privilege of being the second mobile operator on the market. For this it has made a renewal of all its rates in recent times, resulting in a catalog of the most extensive and interesting. After seven years we no longer find the famous animal fees, but we have given way to the Go rates.

Users who demand the most in terms of quantity and quality are in luck, because the Go rates respond exactly to those points. In this sense, Orange offers us the rates Go Top and Go Up, which both have unlimited data, the difference of each offer lies in the ability to watch streaming content with higher quality (one in HD and the other reached 4K) and both with unlimited calls.

The best Orange mobile rates

But the rates with so many gigabytes to navigate are not for all audiences and it is something that Orange has thought about. For this same reason, it offers three other rates with fewer gigs: Essential, Go Flexible and Kids. With Essential, Orange offers us 7GB and calls at 0 cents for € 14,95 / month. Orange's Go Flexible rate gives us the possibility of having 16,67GB and unlimited calls for € 24,95 / month. Finally, the Kids rate has internet with up to 2GB for € 8,95 / month and which is ideal for your tablets or laptops. If you are interested in Go de Orange rates, you can hire them from here easily.


The red company is another of the large ones within the Spanish territory and that of course also offers us various mobile-only rates. Like Orange or Movistar, Vodafone offers us all kinds of rates, with the most varied characteristics and prices of all kinds.

The red company is close to all types of users, from those who consume the most megabytes and minutes to those who barely spend one or the other. Thus, we have Mobile Mini, unlimited, unlimited Maxi and unlimited total for those who consume a lot in terms of data and voice minutes.

The best Vodafone mobile rates

For those who most talk and consume data, Vodafone presents Unlimited total GB unlimited in 5G, unlimited minutes. All for € 47,99 / month. The intermediate rate is the Unlimited Maxi way with unlimited GB in 4G + network, unlimited minutes. All this for € 36,99 / month. Finally, the unlimited is an offer with unlimited data in 4G network (maximum download speed 2Mbps) and unlimited minutes for € 32,99 per month.

If you are interested in Vodafone mobile rates, you can hire them in less than 3 minutes from here.


Movistar or what is the same, the old Telefónica is the great dominator of the mobile telephony market, thanks to its good coverage in almost any corner of our country and also for the good service it offers to its customers. Unfortunately their prices are not as low as most of us would like.

As the rest of the operators have done, Movistar has also modified its mobile rate offer, although not as profoundly as Orange has done. In this sense, Movistar presents us with three rates, in which the large number of gigabytes stands out.

The best Movistar mobile rates

La Movistar contract 2 rate It could be classified as the "basic rate", since it offers us 5GB to navigate with our mobile and 50 minutes in calls for € 15 / month. If we go up in the Movistar portfolio, the next rate is the XL Contract which offers us 15GB and unlimited minutes of calls to landlines and mobiles for € 24,95 per month. The last of the rates, infinite contract, has unlimited GB, minutes and SMS for a price of € 39,95 / month.


Another one of the virtual operators that could not be missing in this list is pepephone that offers us some of the most competitive rates, in all aspects that we can find in the market. Specifically, it offers us three rates that are very competitive as regards the rest of the market. In this way, we find the first rate that includes 5GB and unlimited calls for € 7,90 / month. The intermediate rate offers us 10GB and unlimited minutes for € 11,90 per month.

The best mobile rates from Pepephone

Finally, we find what may be the most profitable rate: 39GB and unlimited minutes for calls for € 19,90 / month.


Yes friends, Amena has returned. The green operator accompanied many of us at the time and, we could say, that it is a classic when it comes to mobile telephony. Amena has come back to life at the hands of Orange and its rates are spectacular. This operator is synonymous with adaptation and they clearly demonstrate it with their rates. Its mobile plans are focused on each type of user: one rate for those who use their mobile a little, another for those who speak a little and another two for those who want everything. Four spectacular rates.

The best mobile rates from Amena

The first rate is for those who hardly use their phone outside the home. Amena thought of them and offers them 4GB, calls at 0 cents a minute and unlimited SMS for € 6,95 / month. But if you talk a little from your mobile phone, you will probably be interested in the rate with 10GB, unlimited minutes and unlimited SMS for € 9,95 per month.

The green company offers you a mobile plan with 25GB, unlimited calls and SMS for € 19,95 / month. But if 10GB isn't enough for you, the latest plan will interest you even more. The last rate offers you 30GB, unlimited calls and SMS for € 24,95 / month.

We know that it is very difficult to choose an Amena rate, because they are really good. If you still do not decide, in this link you can get more information.


The Simyo orange is not a coincidence and it is also a company that belongs to the Orange group. However, Simyo has a rare and practically unique feature: you can create your own rate. You can configure your plan with more or less data and with more or less voice minutes. What you want.

Before explaining how the personalized rate configuration works, I want to tell you about the rates that Simyo already offers you configured. The company presents us with four rates that we can contract. We have rates without quota, that is, 0 euros. We have a mini rate that includes 20 minutes of calls and 100MB for € 2 per month. A perfect rate for WhatsApp with 50 minutes of calls and 100MB for € 3,5 / month. And the last preset is for those who talk and surf a lot. This offers us 100 minutes and 2GB for € 6,5 per month.

Simyo's best mobile rates

If none of the above rates convince you, remember that you can create your own in a very simple way. The first thing you will have to choose is the data to navigate with your mobile. You can not choose data to browse, but the maximum 40GB. Later, you must choose the number of minutes to call, from 0 minutes to unlimited calls. Our recommendation, in this case, is very clear: make your own rate. There is nothing better than being able to choose what you want to spend in terms of data and voice minutes. However, if you want to see the rest of the possibilities that Simyo gives, enter here.


Lowi is one of the mobile phone companies best valued by users, thanks to its most economical prices and the possibility of creating the rate totally to our liking. You can have and configure your rate from 8GB to 30GB of data on your mobile and, in terms of voice minutes, they all have unlimited calls.

Lowi's best mobile rate

If we have to stay with one of their rates, that would undoubtedly be the Yourself rate with 8GB for € 7,95 per month. A super competitive price and practically unbeatable. You can see the rest of the possible rate settings and characteristics from here.

What rate do you currently have contracted and which one would you change if you could? As you have seen, the possibilities are endless and everything depends on you. Do not settle and stay tuned to this entry because we will update it every month. And if you haven't found your perfect rate here, you can always use the Roams telephony comparator to find the best option that allows you to save.