Internet rates to browse and save

Not long ago, the options when contracting the internet were very few. Slow ADSL connections that made us desperate just trying to access a web page. Luckily, internet networks have improved and now reach speeds of up to 1Gb. But as usual, the more options to choose from, the more complicated it is to find the option that really fits what we want and allows us to save. For this reason, today we are going to make a comparison between the best internet rates to surf at home and save at the same time.

Now that we know that hiring internet at home without landline, cheap and without permanence are options that really exist, it is time to get into the matter and analyze in depth each of the rates offered by the operators. Are you ready?

Movistar Connect 300Mb Movistar 300Mbps 38 € / month
Lowi Fiber Only 100Mbps 29.95 € / month
Vodafone Fiber 300Mb 300Mbps 30.99 € / month
Home Fiber 100Mb Orange 100Mbps 30.95 € / month
Fiber 100Mb of MásMóvil 100Mbps 29.99 € / month
Yoigo's 100Mb Fiber 100Mbps 32 € / month
100Mb fiber with Jazztel calls 100Mbps € / month

Lowi, the option in this Vodafone OMV

Until recently, Lowi was one of the best options if we wanted to hire cheap internet with good coverage. It works under the Vodafone network, so unless you live in a very hidden place, you can benefit from fiber coverage without problem. The price is only 29,95 euros per month, being the cheapest fiber rate on the market.

Lowi internet rates

And if the price seemed little advantage, there is still more. This rate does not have permanence, so we can drop or change at any time without fear of penalties or fines. And they will not charge us for the installation or the loan of the router. If after reading the details of Lowi's fiber rate you cannot wait to have your connection at home, you have only access this link to hire your service.

MásMóvil and its cheap fiber rates

The yellow operator has set out to revolutionize the tariff market. And for the moment, it seems that it is on the right track as its fiber and ADSL offer is among the cheapest. For only € 29,99 per month we can enjoy 100Mb fiber and unlimited calls from the landline.

MasMovil Internet Rates

To this cheap monthly fee we will not have to add anything else since the installation and the router are free in new registrations. But if we have to know that it has 12 months of permanence, so if we want to change the rate before the end of this period, we will have to pay a penalty. To contract or check the fiber coverage of MásMóvil, We leave you this link to do it quickly.

Orange Home Fiber rates

Looking through the Orange catalog, we find the Home Fibra rates to contract internet at home and nothing else. These rates are ideal for those who need to keep their mobile rate separate from their connection at home and are also looking for a cheap landline. Specifically, it includes unlimited calls to landlines as well as 1000 minutes to call mobiles. And at what price? Well, for €30.95 per month, everything.

Orange internet rates

So if we want fiber with Orange coverage, it is best not to think about it. Hire this rate quickly and easily from right here.

Jazztel and its new fiber rates

After its image wash, Jazztel has proposed to change the fiber rates that we can contract. Above all, if the Orange rates do not finish convincing us, since they work under the same coverage network. If we have to recommend an internet-only rate from the catalog of. Jazztel, one of the best would be the rate with 100Mb speed in symmetrical fiber and calls. We will be able to use the landline without fear of increasing our rate, since it also includes unlimited calls at any time and operator.

Your monthly fee is 28,95 euros per month, but right now we are in luck. Something to keep in mind if we are thinking of changing our internet connection at home. To request more information or to contract one of its rates, you will not have to do anything other than access this link.

300 Mb to navigate with Vodafone

If we want to contract internet with the usual operators to avoid coverage problems, we cannot forget about Vodafone and its ONO fiber. We have several rates to choose from, but if we seek not to spend too much at the same time a good internet speed, the best rate is undoubtedly the Fiber Ono 300Mb.

Vodafone internet rates

The best thing is that this rate has an offer in its monthly fee for 24 months, in which we will only pay € 39, saving more than 200 euros. In order not to miss this offer, all you have to do is access this link to hire it right now.

Only 100Mb symmetrical fiber with Yoigo

Since Yoigo has entered the fiber rate market, the economic options when it comes to hiring have multiplied. Of the three rates offered, we we recommend the intermediate with 300Mb, especially for its price and speed.

Yoigo internet rates

We must bear in mind that this fee has a tenure of 12 months and the maximum penalty to pay if we do not comply with it is 100 euros. And do not worry, because the registration and installation are free and you will not have charges on the invoice for these concepts. If you are interested in this rate, You can contract it online from this link quickly.

As you have seen, there are many options we have when it comes to hiring internet for home. And above all, many options that allow us to save. Now that you know the best current offers on the market in internet fees, only the most difficult remains. Choose which service to hire. If you are still not sure, you have the possibility of visiting the roams comparator and find what you need.