Editorial team

ActualidadGadget.com is one of the reference websites in Spain on gadgets, software, computing, internet and technology in general. Since 2006 we have been reporting day by day on the main developments in the technology sector, as well as analyzing a multitude of devices ranging from the most powerful computers to the simplest smartphone cases, including speakers, monitors, smartphones, tablets or robot vacuum cleaners just to give a few examples. We also attend main technological events of the world such as the WMC in Barcelona or the IFA in Berlin where we move part of our team of editors to be able to make a complete event tracking and offer our readers all the information in the first person and in the shortest possible time.

Furthermore, our tutorials section you can access all kinds of practical information with comprehensive step-by-step manuals that include photos and / or videos of help and that cover topics so varied that they go from how to format an Android tablet a how to download a photo from facebook to give some examples.

If you want to see the rest of the topics that we deal with on the web you just have to access the sections page and there you will see them all organized by theme.

In order to prepare all this quality content and in the most rigorous way possible, Actualidad Gadget has a team of editors who are experts in new technology and with many years of experience in writing digital content. If you want to be part of our editorial team you just have to complete this form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


  • Miguel Hernández

    Editor and geek analyst. Lover of gadgets and technology. "I think it is possible for normal people to choose to be extraordinary" - Elon Musk.


  • Ignacio Sala

    Since the early 90s, when the first computer came into my hands, I have been passionate about everything related to technology and computing.

  • Jordi Giménez

    I love everything related to technology and all kinds of gadgets. Photography and sports in general are other of my passions; completely hooked on the world of mountaineering. You will never go to bed without learning something new.

  • Paco L Gutierrez

    Lover of technology, gadgets in general and video games. Testing Android since time immemorial.

  • Rafa Rodríguez Ballesteros

    Working in the office in the morning and as much as possible in the afternoon. Family, sport, internet, series. I love technology, smartphones and their entire ecosystem. Always trying to learn and keep up to date.

  • Karim Hmeidan

    Audiovisual communicator, somewhat geek in the blogging world and the internet, I try to keep up to date on everything related to the world of technology at the entertainment and professional level.

  • Luis Padilla

    Bachelor of Medicine and Pediatrician by vocation. Passionate about technology, especially Apple products, I have the pleasure of being the editor of Actualidad iPad, Actualidad iPhone, Soy de Mac and Actualidad Gadget. Hooked on the series in original version.

Former editors

  • Villamandos

    Asturian, proud Gijonés to be exact, 28 years old. Technical Engineer in Topography by profession and a lover of new technologies and everything that surrounds the network of networks. You can follow my crazy ideas, comments and original ideas on my Twitter profile.

  • Juan Luis Arboledas

    A computer professional although a lover of the world of technology in general and robotics in particular, a passion that leads me to investigate and investigate the entire network in search of any type of novelty, study or project.

  • Ruben gallardo

    Writing and technology are two of my passions. And since 2005 I have been fortunate to combine them collaborating in specialized media in the sector. The best of all? I continue to enjoy like the first day talking about any gadget that hits the market.

  • Eder Esteban

    Graduated in Marketing from Bilbao, living in Amsterdam. Traveling, writing, reading and the cinema are my great passions. Interested in technology, especially mobile phones.

  • Manuel Ramirez

    Androidmaniaco, artist and versatile person in various fields. Studies carried out in ESDIP (making 3D shorts and classical animation) Illustrator, drawing and painting teacher, and lately focused on theater and acting.

  • Joaquin Garcia

    Historian, computer scientist and freelance. Always investigating new ways and of course, enjoying new gadgets. Asking is not offending.

  • Jose Alfocea

    Always eager to learn, I love everything related to History, Art or Journalism and especially, new technologies and their connection with the educational sector and education. I'm passionate about Apple and communication, and that's why I'm here

  • Jose Rubio

    Young passionate about technology and the motor world. Project of mechanical engineer, navigator by vocation. With a car, a toolbox and any electronic gadget, I am happy.

  • Juan Colilla

    I'm a 20-year-old boy, I love the Apple world, science, space and video games, I occasionally watch anime and have a certain attraction to Japanese culture. I love learning as long as it is about topics that I like or matter. I am a drone enthusiast and I love automation and / or home automation and artificial intelligence topics.

  • Elvis bucatariu

    Technology has always fascinated me, but the arrival of smartphones has only multiplied my interest in everything that is happening in the technological world.

  • Alfonso De Frutos

    Since I can remember I have always been a lover of new technologies. And when, at the age of 13, I had my first mobile phone, something changed in me. My two passions are poker and the mobile phone market, a sector that is constantly growing and that does not stop showing us incredible things that, in the future, will change our way of seeing the world. Or are they already doing it?

  • Xavi Carrasco

    Writer at Actualidad Gadget, software developer and expert in Digital Marketing. I love gadgets and electronic devices of all kinds, smartphones, televisions, laptops, computers, cameras ... Follow me on any of my networks to stay up to date on the best Tech Life Style

  • Pedro Rodas

    Tech lover. I have finished my studies as an Industrial Engineer in Electronics and I am currently teaching at an Institute of Secondary Education.

  • Luis del Barco

    Athlete and technology lover who is looking for people to share knowledge with. Trying to put illusion in everything I do.

  • Cristina torres

    Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations. Currently I am dedicated to the blogger world and the organization of events. Passionate about the internet and new technologies. Believing that all good things can be improved.