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NewsGadget.com is one of the reference websites in Spain on gadgets, software, computing, internet and technology in general. Since 2006 we have been reporting day by day on the main developments in the technology sector, as well as analyzing a multitude of devices ranging from the most powerful computers to the simplest smartphone cases, including speakers, monitors, smartphones, tablets or robot vacuum cleaners just to give a few examples. We also attend main technological events of the world such as the WMC in Barcelona or the IFA in Berlin where we move part of our team of editors to be able to make a complete event tracking and offer our readers all the information in the first person and in the shortest possible time.

Furthermore, our tutorials section you can access all kinds of practical information with comprehensive step-by-step manuals that include photos and / or videos of help and that cover topics so varied that they go from how to format an Android tablet a how to download a photo from facebook to give some examples.

If you want to see the rest of the topics that we deal with on the web you just have to access the sections page and there you will see them all organized by theme.

In order to prepare all this quality content and in the most rigorous way possible, Actualidad Gadget has a team of editors who are experts in new technology and with many years of experience in writing digital content. If you want to be part of our editorial team you just have to complete this form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


  • Miguel Hernández

    Geek editor and analyst. Lover of gadgets and new technologies. Interested in knowing and testing all kinds of gadgets, smartphones, computers, tablets, laptops, among others, and delighted to share my knowledge with the world through words.


  • Daniel Terrasa

    Blogger passionate about new technologies, willing to share my knowledge writing tutorials and analyzes so that others can know all the characteristics that different gadgets have. Impossible to imagine what life was like before the Internet!

  • Theresa Bernal

    Vocational journalist with more than 12 years dedicated to the world of digital content in writing, editing and proofreading. articles on a wide variety of topics. Technology is like oxygen for the human being of the XNUMXst century, essential to continue existing in full cybernetics.

  • Rafa Rodriguez Ballesteros

    Always hooked on gadgets and technological accessories. I test, analyze and write about smartphones and all kinds of gadgets, accessories and technological devices of the moment. Trying to always be "on", learn and keep abreast of all the news.

  • Karim Hmeidan

    I love technology, not everything is Apple ... I think there are more and more companies that develop interesting things and here we are to test the latest technological news. I try to get all the gadgets that I can and that enter my house ...

  • Luis Padilla

    Passionate about technology, I enjoy like a child with gadgets. I like to compare the different models, discover new features, and get to know the new ones that are to come. Gadgets can make our lives a lot easier, which is why I like to share what I know about them.

Former editors

  • Ignatius Hall

    Since the early 90s, I have been passionate about everything related to technology and computing. Therefore, testing any gadget that big and small brands bring out, analyzing it to get the most out of it, is one of my most pleasant hobbies.

  • Jordi Giménez

    I love everything related to technology and all kinds of gadgets. I have been analyzing all kinds of electronic devices since the 2000s and I am always aware of the new models that are about to come out. I even take some with me when I practice other of my passions, photography and sports in general. They wouldn't be the same without them!

  • Villamandos

    I am an engineer in love with new technologies and everything that surrounds the network of networks. Some of my favorite gadgets, such as smartphones or tablets, accompany me every day, devices that help improve my knowledge and experience in gadgets.

  • John Louis Groves

    Computer professional although a lover of the world of technology in general and robotics in particular, a passion that leads me to investigate and investigate the entire network in search of any type of novelty about gadgets, whether for study or project.

  • Ruben gallardo

    New technologies are my true passion. I continue to enjoy as the first day talking about any gadget that hits the market: features, tricks, ... in short, absolutely everything about any electronic gadget.

  • eder esteban

    I am very interested in technology, especially mobile phones. I enjoy knowing the news about gadgets, and testing them to discover, thus, if they deliver what they promise or if they are gadgets that are not really interesting for day to day.

  • Manuel Ramirez

    Gadgetmaniaco, who enjoys testing gadgets that can be used to express himself in any art form. In addition, I love to test any gadget that comes my way, so I have a lot of experience with new technologies and I enjoy solving any doubts that may arise during its use and handling.

  • Joaquin Garcia

    Computer scientist who always enjoys investigating new gadgets that are coming onto the market. If there's one thing I love to spend my free time with, it's thoroughly exploring every electronic device that comes my way.

  • Jose Alfocea

    I love everything that has to do with technology and gadgets. I am always wanting to learn all the tricks that different types of gadgets have, so useful for our leisure or work.

  • Jose Rubio

    Young passionate about technology and the motor world. Knowing gadgets in depth, seeing how they work or how they have improved is something that I am passionate about.

  • Doriann Marquez

    Computer science fanatic, addicted to gadgets and writing everything that can help you about them.

  • Juan Colilla

    I am a guy who loves technology. I like to learn as long as it is on that subject, especially gadgets. Anyone interests me, but drones, automation and / or home automation and artificial intelligence are my weakness.

  • Elvis bucatariu

    Gadgets have always fascinated me, but the arrival of smartphones has only multiplied my interest in everything that is happening in the technological world. I sincerely believe that there has been no better and useful gadget than that.

  • Cristina torres

    Passionate about the internet and new technologies, I have always loved trying all the gadgets that have fallen into my hands, discovering all the uses they had, and comparing them with their previous versions to see if they have really improved. I like to know all the news about the gadgets that I get, knowledge that I will love to share with you.