UE BOOM 2 review: an exquisite design for a quality and very resistant wireless speaker

UE BOOM 2 speakers up front

Ultimate Ears is one of the most important companies in the sector. Its speakers from the BOOM line surprised by their attractive design, resistance and sound quality. Now I bring you a complete UE BOOM 2 speaker review, latest model of the device and that will delight music lovers.

The successor to the UE BOOM features a power in your speakers that increases 25% compared to the previous model, in addition to having a bluetooth range of up to thirty meters, so you can take it anywhere. And if we take into account that it is resistant to shocks and falls, in addition to having IPX7 certification To be able to submerge it in water without worrying, we have before us one of the best wireless speakers on the market.  

UE BOOM 2 has an attractive and groundbreaking design

UE BOOM top button

The first thing you notice when you first pick up the UE BOOM 2 is that we are looking at a product very well built and that exudes quality from each of its pores. The speaker has a rubber covering that wraps around the device, making it more pleasant to the touch and offering a good grip. This way, even if the UE BOOM 2 gets wet, you can pick it up without worrying about it slipping.

Its small size, it has a 67mm diameter and 180mm height they make the UE BOOM 2 quite handy and can be taken anywhere. Highlight its rounded shape that facilitates the grip of the device. Finally, its 548 grams of weight are the icing on the cake of a device designed to take it anywhere.

At the top of the UE BOOM 2 is where the speaker on / off button, in addition to another smaller button that is used to synchronize the UE BOOM 2 with any Bluetooth device.

UE BOOM 2 retaining ring

Already in the front we find the volume control keys. Their path is more than correct and they offer a very successful feeling to the touch, knowing at all times when you have pressed them. Its position is comfortable and functional. Remember that these speakers are designed to be taken anywhere and not having to touch your phone on the beach to raise, lower the volume or change the songs is a point to take into account. Later I will talk about this function.

Finally, at the bottom of the UE BOOM 2 is where the port is located micro USB to charge the device, besides a 3.5mm audio output and a small ring to hold the speakers on any support. In short, the UE BOOM 2 have a great design that will allow us to take it anywhere. Do you want to go for a bike ride? Attach the speaker to the water stand and enjoy the music.

Personally I have used them on the beach, skiing, canoeing and every day in the shower(my neighbors hate me even more). Of course, you have to take into account that the UE BOOM 2 sink, so I recommend that, if you are going to use them in the water, you tie the device to your vest through the ring at the bottom, so you will save unnecessary scares.

Impressive sound quality from portable speakers

eu boom front

The design of the UE BOOM 2 is perfect: a light device, comfortable to wear and with a good grip to be used in any situation, but how does this speaker sound? I already tell you that, taking into account its measurements, it is one of the best wireless speakers that I have tried. Before entering the matter, I leave you with the technical characteristics of the UE BOOM

UE BOOM 2 performance

  • 360 degree wireless speaker
  • Waterproof (IPX7: up to 30 minutes and a depth of 1 meter) and shock resistant
  • 15 hours of battery life (Charging time: 2.5 hours)
  • Bluetooth A2DP with 30 meter range
  • NFC
  • Wireless app and updates
  • 3,5mm audio out
  • Handsfree
  • Frequency range: 90 Hz - 20 kHz

On paper we have some very complete speakers. And when it comes to using them, they are even better. At the beginning of the article I told you that these UE BOOM 2 have 25% more power compared to the previous model and, after testing both models, it has become clear that the manufacturer is not exaggerating.

No matter how loud the speakers sound, if the sound quality is poor, its power is of little use. Fortunately UE BOOM 2 speaker sounds really good, offering clear, high-quality sound.

The audio is quite balanced, reaching a really good sound quality up to 90% of full power. From there a slight distortion and noise appear, but I already told you that with the incredible power that this speaker offers, the vast majority of users will not need to increase the volume of the speaker more than 80%. Even to set the scene for a party or barbecue, 70% is more than enough.

UE BOOM 2 in the snow

Su Bluetooth Low Energy has a range of 30 meters, allowing you to use the speakers at a more than sufficient distance. At home, I have left the phone linked about 15 meters away, with two doors in between, and the speaker has worked perfectly.

La UE BOOM 2 autonomy is 15 hours of use. Here I have really reached 15 hours with the volume at 30-40% but putting the reed and putting the speaker at 80% power the autonomy drops to 12 hours, a figure that is still considerable and more than enough. In addition, the speaker enters sleep mode after a while without using it so we do not have to worry about turning it on and off since through the application we can activate or deactivate the UE BOOM 2 to our liking. And the battery charges in just over two hours, so there is nothing to criticize in this regard.

A very interesting novelty comes with the gesture control; for example, when lifting the UE Boom 2 with one hand and tapping the upper part of the speaker with the palm of the other hand, we will pause the playback until we touch the upper part again. And with two quick touches we will advance the song. In this way we will not have to touch the phone at all if we want to go through songs.

The guys at Ultimate Ears have created a really complete application that will allow us to control different functions of the UE BOOM 2 through our phone. The app, compatible with both Android and iOS devices, allows you to see the battery level, speaker volume as well as some very curious details such as the possibility of synchronizing several smartphones at the same time so that each one can put the music they want. We can even connect several UE BOOM or UE Roll speakers to listen to music on several devices at the same time! This function has surprised me since it allows you to mount a pretty good sound system with a couple of devices.

Another very interesting detail comes with the IPX7 certification which gives the UE BOOM 2 water resistance, being able to submerge the device up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. I have tested it in snow and water and the speaker still works perfectly. Of course, as expected, under water they will not sound since the bluetooth signal is lost. As easy as taking the UE BOOM 2 out of the water to continue enjoying its audio quality.

For this, the UE BOOM 2 have some caps that cover the exits, these must be well closed so that the water does not enter, but don't worry that no matter how much it rains, snow or thunders, you can use the speaker without problems. Your secret? UE BUNCLE 2 do not have any metal parts.

Although from Ultimate Ears they have not wanted to endow the UE BOOM 2 with any military certification, I have to say that the device is really resistant to impacts and falls. At the time of the presentation I saw several people climb on top to show their resistance and my model has fallen a few times, I am a bit clumsy if I am honest, and it has not suffered any damage, so I can assure you that UE BOOM 2 is a tough speaker.

El UE BOOM 2, which is available in a wide variety of colors so you can choose the model you like the most, it has an official price of 199 euros, although you can currently buy it on Amazon clicking here for only 133 euros. A real bargain if we consider the possibilities of this incredible waterproof bluetooth speaker.

Editor's opinion

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  • Design
    Publisher: 90%
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  • Portability (size / weight)
    Publisher: 95%
  • Price quality
    Publisher: 80%

Points in favor


  • Incredible sound quality
  • Good autonomy
  • Water, shock and drop resistant
  • Very interesting value for money

Points against


  • Although it is on sale, its official price of 200 euros can pull back

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  1.   José said

    I have a UEBOOM and everything is fine, but when the internal battery is gone, goodbye speaker. The company told me that they do not have batteries to replace ... and without a battery the speaker does not work even if it is plugged into the electrical current. PROGRAMMED OBSOLESCENCE: the speaker lasts as long as the battery lasts in being viable, from that moment, in the trash.

  2.   Ricardo Reyes said

    I bought the UE Boom 2 and it is a lie that it lasts 12 hours at 80% volume the longest it lasts is 2 hours which is disastrous, in the end I had to change it for a JBL, it would be good if the product specifications are real and have been put to the test

  3.   Spinet said

    But do you think that these people really test the products? Naive These characters who abound on the Internet and who call themselves "experts", "lovers of technology" or any other bombastic phrase are dedicated to copy and paste the press releases, embellishing them a bit and doing great publicity, in the vain hope of that the brands give them free products for their use and enjoyment.

    For sample, this article. Nowhere does it indicate the real power of the speaker or that the jump between volume scales is very large.


  4.   The boss said

    Well, look, I have it and I confirm that it lasts more than 10 hours at 70 and 80, that is to say that yours will be defective. Share a jbl that has a dirty sound and very much in your style of criticizing and dirtying a brand that has done its homework well. with your product not like jbl than just others.
    Anyway, keep going with jbl, which will surely not last more than 100 hours, it will surely not carry or battery charge when you shit with the energy of your body and it sounds like the farts of angels ... come on

  5.   Albert mosquera said

    I still do not understand how this brand, which is mainly dedicated to making PC mice, has been among the so-called “best bluetooth speakers on the market. They always appear in "analysis" with little rigor like this. How much does Logitech pay to be so self-righteous? How is it possible that this garbage of speakers, with an absolute lack of definition and abuse of bass, rubs shoulders with the Harman Kardon, Vifa, Bowers & Wilkins, JBL or Bang & Olufsen? That's to name just a few truly high-level sound specialists.

  6.   Israel Nuts said

    I just bought a UEboom2 and I have doubts about the duration, it really lasts very little and does not arrive at 3 hours. Any expert to help me? I would like to know if someone has applied a guarantee and in what way.
    Thank you.