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Surely all of you, or at least most of you, have on your smartphone some other game for when you are forced to wait for a few minutes, when you go by public transport, when you go to the toilet ...

Over time, it is very likely that you will get tired of that game and look for alternatives. But if this is not the case, because you want the battery of your smartphone to last longer without stopping playing, you can use the google dinosaur game, a game that is included natively in the Chrome browser.

Google's dinosaur game started out as a funny way for the Chrome browser to inform us that we had no internet connection, like in the age of dinosaurs, but taken to the extreme. That dinosaur is actually a game, a very simple game in which we put ourselves in the shoes of the dinosaur and we have to jump over obstacles, at first cactus, but as we move forward, in addition to nightfall we also find pterodactyls at different heights, so sometimes we will have to jump to avoid them or stay firm on the ground, as we can see in the GIF above.

And I say those who have advanced more, because at first the game hooks, and a lot, because of its difficulty, since as you progress, the speed of the dinosaur is increasing which will force us to calculate with greater precision when we start to make the jump so as not to collide with obstacles.

T-Rex, as this game has been named, is available not only on the mobile platforms of Google Chrome, but it is also available on the versions of the Google browser for desktop. Although it is true that this game is shown directly on our when we do not have an Internet connection, we do not have to disconnect from the world completely to be able to play with it.

Tricks to advance as much as possible in T-Rex

If our idea is to play with the smartphone or tablet, we must bear in mind that we do not have any trick at our disposal, therefore will depend on our expertise when calculating when we have to make the corresponding jump.

In both the mobile version and the desktop version, the power of the jump will depend on how long we press the key, so if we press and hold down the space key, will jump for longer that if we only press once quickly.

However, if we play from the computer, things are much simpler, since we can use Alt to pause the game momentarily. We can also accelerate the descent speed of the dinosaur by clicking on the down arrow.

How to play the dinosaur game on Android

To play on our Android smartphone, the fastest way if we do not want to install any application to do so, is to disable both the data connection and the WiFi connection, enabling airplane mode.

Once we have deactivated both connections, we will open the Chrome browser and open a new tab, a tab that will directly show us the dinosaur, on which we have to click so that we can enjoy T-Rex helping him to dodge the cacti that are on the way , like Heidi in the Swiss mountains.

Chrome Dinosaur Game on Android

But if we do not want to disconnect completely, we can install the Dino T-Rex application on our device, a free game that is available in the Google Play Store, through the following link and that Google has incomprehensibly authorized for profit, since it shows us advertising to be able to play with it. The main difference that this version offers us is that it is available in full screen and the jumps are a little slower.

Dino t-rex
Dino t-rex
Developer: NataliLo
Price: Free

How to play dinosaur game on iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

As I have said, T-Rex is available in all versions of Chrome for the platforms where it is available, so on our iPhone, iPad or iPod touch we will also be able to play by activating the airplane mode of our device and accessing a new browser tab or reloading the one that was open at that time.

Play Chrome's Dinosaur on iPhone

If you want a modernized version, with colors and other animals, Steve - Jumping Dinosaur for iOS is the game you are looking for, a game that is installed in the notification center and that we always have at hand in a much faster way than looking for the application on the springboard.

Steve - Game Widget (AppStore Link)
Steve - Game WidgetFree

How to play the dinosaur game on PC / Mac

Play T-Rex on Chrome

But if what we want to do is enjoy T-Rex comfortably in our home or office to disconnect, we can make use of this online page, online page where the game is available without having to disconnect our equipment of the Internet connection. This web page will only open showing the game if we use the Chrome browser.

However, we also have at our disposal this other website called T-Rex Runner. Both versions are very faithful to the original game in Chrome, we could say that they are the same version, but unlike the previous website, this one does work in other browsers.

We also have the native option to be able to access T-Rex without having to access any web page by typing the following command in the search bar without the quotes "chrome: // dino /" and pressing the space bar to start the game. We can also write the following command without the quotes "chrome: // network-error / -106" to access the game.

On the Internet we can find a large number of browsers beyond Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera and others, since there are many other browsers on the market that really they are a fork of chrome, so in this case, it is more than likely, it does not work at all, that by entering the codes that we have shown above in the address bar you have the opportunity to access the T-Rex.

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