How to join the Robinson list to stop receiving advertising by phone, mail, etc.

Robinson List

More and more people are getting tired of receiving advertising in the form of calls, emails and messages of all kinds so that we can join their services. This type of advertising has existed for many years and first of all one thing must be made clear: The operator or operator who is contacting you is doing their job, so it is silly to get angry with them for receiving these types of calls.

It is understandable that sometimes and precisely due to the insistence of these calls you can feel bad and even get angry, but paying it with the person who is on the other side of the phone is not going to help you, rather the opposite since they will possibly call you again in a few hours ...

What is the Robinson List?

It is because of that there are such lists as the Robinson List that we are going to talk to you about today. With it, what is intended is to have everything a little more controlled and according to all companies, entities and other services, they must necessarily consult the Robinson List when they are going to send advertising and do not have the unequivocal consent of the recipients.

In this case the service is free for all consumers and its main objective is to reduce the publicity they receive. Logically and on the other hand, we must bear in mind that we are giving all our data to a company, so this has to be clear from the beginning.

Here you can sign up for free to the Robinson list to stop receiving this type of advertising, at any time and in any place. The Robinson List Service is part of the field of personalized advertising, that is, the advertising that a user receives addressed to his name avoids some massive advertising campaigns, both the use of our mail, calls or messages.

Details Robinson List

Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights

We all have the right and when we talk about active advertising, as is the case, we have to take into account that Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, was created precisely to avoid this type of advertising on users who do not support it. It is something similar to what we see in some mailboxes or communities that clarify: "Advertising is not allowed." If commercial advertising of any kind were to be placed in these mailboxes, the company that broadcasts this advertisement could be denounced by users.

But for the economic activity to be successful, advertising is vital, although it is true that the processing of personal data is important, it may be limited by the user himself. In particular, data processing for advertising purposes is recognized in the Regulation (EU) 2016 / 679. The promotion of the legitimate exercise of such activities must necessarily be reconciled with respect for the right to protection of personal data and privacy, so finding a balance between these points is what companies have to achieve.

If the advertising is for a contracted service, get in touch with them

We have to know how to differentiate the types of advertising that exist and logically when a user has a service contracted with an operator, for example, it has the right to send advertising because surely in some of the points that we have signed in the contract it says so. Yes, it is possible that no one reads the contracts but when they are signed the company makes use of this right and you send us advertising of your services when and how you want.

Here it is not necessary or advisable to use "external agents" to prevent the arrival of advertising, in these cases The first thing we have to do is contact the helpdesk directly and ask that no more advertising be sent. We can even go to some physical stores where they will advise us on the process to prevent advertising from reaching our phone number of their services. These have to respect the decision made by the user always, by law.

Robinson List Companies

Points to keep in mind to avoid receiving spam

And we have several options to get rid of this type of calls and as some experts on these issues say: with education you can get everything. Many acquaintances and family members literally "piss off" the shift operators Because of the call, they are ultimately doing their job and this can backfire and in many cases cause calls to increase. Don't say "I can't now, call later" because they will insist ad nauseam.

Personally speaking with the calls I receive (I do not say the sms or emails that are different) what I do is try toBe as polite as possible with the operator / or so that he / she states that I do not want to receive more publicity. This works for me most of the time, but I understand that other people do not, so the solution may be this Robinson list.

Joining the Robinson list is free and easy

Yes, the appeal of the Robinson list it is interesting to cut off the "commercial harassment" that some people are subjected to. This is a registry of users who do not want to receive advertising and it is free, but it must be clear that this list protects us from companies or entities with which we have no commercial relationship of any kind, as we have said previously and that will start to work 3 months from the moment we signed up.

Joining this list takes 5 minutes. The first thing is access the website and register adding all the data that is requested, then we will receive a confirmation email for username and password. After this we simply have to click on «Access to the service» and they will ask us by which way you want to stop receiving advertising, be it e-mail, telephone (mobile and landline), postal mail and SMS / MMS messages.

If you want more than one of these locks, you will have to individually confirm each of them by email. It is simple and quick to manage, but bear in mind the delay in taking effect the block so be patient.

Robinson List Enrollment

What can I do if it's been three months, this on the list and they keep calling me?

In the event that the company insists with advertising calls, emails, messages, etc., after the three months it takes more or less to manage the process of the Robinson List, we have another option that is somewhat more drastic and hard, the complaint to the Data Protection Agency.

All these cases are extreme and when a company with which you have never had a relationship or companies with which you have or had a contract, continue to ignore your requests to stop receiving advertising and continue to "harass" you after three months since you signed up. to the Robinson List, you just have to report. Do not worry that in most cases they stop sending advertising but if it is not your case the Official website of the Data Protection Agency will see to it that this finishes dry. Can be a somewhat more "abrupt" step but for this it is.

The fines that come from the Data Protection Agency do not like companies at all, so I am sure that once you file your complaint, the company in question will stop bothering you. This service is also free and it is available to all users.

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