What cryptocurrency to buy to start creating our portfolio of crypto assets

Although it is not always necessary to live like the proverbial ant in the story, it is not sensible to act only as a cicada, and therefore create a reserve of value, however humble, it never hurts. If we also feel a bit adventurous, we can opt for a financial asset, cryptocurrencies, that for young people we cannot know where it is going, it can rise like foam, sink miserably or achieve a stability similar to that currently enjoyed by fiat money (at least the most important currencies on the globe).

If we are only going to focus on the most important ones, it could be essentially five currencies; the well-known Bitcoin, some people buy Ethereum, or else Bitcoin Cash, XRP or Tether. These five are the first in the capitalization range, if we prefer to focus on value per individual cryptocurrency the ranking will vary a lot, yes, what never changes is the position of honor, which is invariably occupied by Bitcoin.

The 5 most important


Bitcoin (BTC) was the first, it is the one has a higher value per coin, at 8.165 dollars per cryptocurrency it was as of October 9, 2019. In addition, although it is losing ground as new players join the game, it concentrates the largest monetary mass of all cryptocurrencies, almost 147 million dollars, to get an idea of the preponderance of BTC also in this factor. The next by level of capitalization, Ethereum, accumulates a monetary mass of just under 000 billion dollars, which on the other hand, it must be said that it is not bad at all.

As a last positive point, if you are a liberal, the maximum number of BTC is 21 million, currently between 17 and 18 million of them have been mined, and there will not be one more, therefore, you will be free of the scourge of the inflation and accentuates its reserve value character.


La second in contention trades, about to end the first third of October, around 176 dollars per Ethereum (ETH), it is not the second most valuable (in October 2019 it is still Maker, with about 460 dollars per coin), but it does is among the most valued, who wouldn't want to have a few ETH on their crypto wallet? Although almost all cryptocurrencies can be purchased by subdivisions of themselves, that is, you can buy fractions of them, it is not necessary to buy it whole, ETH allows us to acquire the entire asset without having to pay an exaggerated amount of money.


With a value that usually moves since the end of June of this year around the quarter of a dollar, the Ripple cryptocurrency it has a capitalization of $ 12 billion.

Bitcoin Cash

La BTC fork it retains much of the prestige of its parent currency, not for nothing trading at an impressive $ 231 per coin, considering that it started the year trading at just $ 113.


Tether, whose current trading value is about $ 1, is somewhat tied to and backed by fiat currencies, which protects it from the volatility of other cryptocurrencies, both in the face of crashes and sharp spikes, which may not make it the ideal cryptocurrency if you want to. is speculating.

We do not know what will happen in the future, but what does seem certain is that at least in the short term cryptocurrencies are going to be with us and they continue to raise passions and hatreds alike. If we are not from the second group, it deserves to at least take them into account as an investment and follow the news related to them.

If they ended 2018 above the prices that many of them had at birth, but well below the quotes that reached at the end of 2017The fact that at the end of June BTC had practically quadrupled its value from 6 months ago should not go unnoticed, and to a lesser extent the same can be said for almost all large cryptocurrencies.

Of course this does not mean that they will rise again, in the world of finance there is nothing for sure, but what it does seem to indicate is that, contrary to what its detractors thought, cryptocurrencies still have rope.

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