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More and more homes are choosing to have one or more humidifiers at home, either to combat environmental dryness or to give an aromatic touch to the atmosphere of a room. If you are looking for something like this for your home, this is our proposal: choose between these 9 cheap humidifiers, enjoying its benefits.

In recent years, these small devices have become fashionable for several reasons. The first thing, the health. It has been proven that they help us breathe better and that they are beneficial for those who have dry skin, since in closed spaces they provide the air with an optimal degree of humidity. But in addition to that, many models offer the possibility of integrating essential oils to achieve pleasant smells and environments prone to relaxation and rest.

What is a humidifier?

A humidifier is a small appliance that, as its name indicates, serves to increase the level of humidity in the environment. Generally, it is a small device, which It has a water container and an evaporation system.


With the help of these devices, you not only achieve a more pleasant home environment, but also prevents potentially harmful microorganisms from proliferating in the environment. From a health point of view, its benefits are undeniable: respiratory infections are avoided, as well as throat and nose irritations.

As a summary, the list of advantages of using humidifiers would be this:

  • Moisturizes the skin of natural form.
  • Improve rest, since a better environment helps you fall asleep.
  • Prevents colds and other diseases, since it achieves a more balanced environment, combating the presence of viruses and bacteria.

Also noteworthy is its optimal use in baby rooms, providing us with the ideal level of air quality to guarantee your hours of sleep.

types of humidifiers

There are two types of humidifiers: cold steam, which normally work by ultrasound, and hot steam. The choice of one or the other depends above all on each person's preferences.

An important detail to keep in mind is that, unlike the dehumidifiers, the recommended time of use of a humidifier is between 2 and 4 hours a day. Excessive use could be harmful. Luckily, many models have a built-in timer to regulate this aspect.

Our selection: 9 cheap humidifiers

Now that we know everything that humidifiers and steam diffusers can contribute to our well-being and the atmosphere of our home, we are going to review the characteristics of nine models of cheap humidifiers that are offered to us with an excellent quality-price ratio:

Cecotec Ultrasonic Humidifier and Aroma Diffuser with Timer

Our first proposal regarding cheap humidifiers is this practical Cecotec model with double function: humidifier and aroma diffuser. Through a flow of cold steam and ultrasound, it reduces environmental dryness. In addition, being very quiet, it is perfect to put in a child's bedroom.

It has a tank with a capacity of 150 ml, 7 different LED colors that can be regulated manually or automatically, as well as ttimer up to 3 hours. This humidifier is suitable for use in rooms of up to 10 m². Furthermore, it has a elegant dark wood color design that combines with many decoration styles. 

CONOPU 4L Humidifier

This is a superior quality model, with a 4-liter tank and the capacity to emit up to 300 ml/h of fog for almost 30 hours straight. He CONOPU 4L humidifier is the guarantee of maintaining a large room, up to 20 m², with a healthy humidity level.

It is very easy to use and the water tank cleans without complications. The mist diffuser has the ability to increase the humidity rate by 50% to 80% in a very short time. The amount of diffusion can be regulated through a button. It also has an automatic shut-off system when the water runs out.

Also noteworthy is its role as essential oil diffuser (features a special, anti-corrosive built-in aroma box), perfect for scenting bedrooms, baby rooms, offices, etc.

SALKING Essential Oil Humidifier

Some humidifiers not only serve to create a healthy atmosphere, but are also wonderful decorative objects. This is the case of SALKING essential oil humidifier, made by hand. Its exterior offers a handmade embossed work, while inside there is a polypropylene tank, durable and resistant to corrosion.

When using it, we have a timer with four modes available (30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours) as well as a series of lighting options (also "candle effect"), to adapt to any type of environment. . It can even be used as a night light.

The nebulizer is very quiet (less than 15 dB) and has sufficient range for rooms up to 25 m². Can be used as Aromatherapy humidifier, air purifier, air freshener and humidifier for baby bedrooms.

LEVOIT Humidifier

Another notable model on our list of cheap humidifiers is the LEVOIT humidifier with 3 liter tank and 360° rotating nozzle design. It serves to improve the air humidity of spaces of up to 27 m², according to the manufacturer.

It has an automatic shutdown function, which avoids security risks and excessive energy consumption. Its essential oil diffuser allows us to choose the fragrance of each of our rooms, while its pleasant night light ensures a better rest.

BEAR Top-Fill Humidifier

This is a large capacity humidifier, 5 liters, capable of supporting up to 35 hours of humidification without having to refill it. The model BEAR Top-Fill It has a separate box to add essential oil (should not be added to the water tank) and become an effective aromatherapy diffuser.

It works with a noise level of less than 28 dB, so that it can be used in bedrooms, both for adults and children, without disturbing our rest. Other nice features are the auto-off mode and the one-year manufacturer's warranty. A great option.

Birshe Essential Oil Humidifier

Beautiful humidifier and aroma diffuser. In addition to its careful aesthetics, the Brishe Essential Oils humidifier It stands out for its flame effect created from a combination of seven colored lights and misted water. What you need in your home to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Its capacity is 200 ml and its noise level is a maximum of 30 dB. Its smart chip controls functions such as automatic shutdown. Another point in favor of this essential oil diffuser is that it is made of high-quality, resistant and durable materials.

Ambar Perfumes

Of our selection of cheap humidifiers, this is the most economical of all. But don't be fooled by the price, because this article Amber Perfumes It has very interesting features. The idea, as in the other cases, is to create a healthy environment with an adequate level of humidity for our body and, at the same time, enjoy all the aromatic-therapeutic benefits of the essences of the Ambar brand.

It has compact dimensions (‎13 x 13 x 21 centimeters) and a very light weight (350 grams). To use this device correctly, you must follow these steps: lift the lid and fill the water tank, add 2 ml of essence to the tank, close the lid, plug it into the power supply and turn it on by pressing the button. There are two possible modes: fog to humidify and and, too to just illuminate.

Orbegozo HU 2028

The Orbegozo brand has a long tradition in the field of household appliances. Also when we talk about humidifiers. One of its most notable products is the model HU 2028, which has a very careful design in the shape of a drop of water, white or violet colors (your choice) and lighting in seven colors.

It has a tank with a capacity of 2,8 liters and a practical tray for aromatic oils. Also an adjustable and 360° orientable steam outlet, as well as an automatic stop safety system when it runs out of water.

In short, an excellent humidifier to have at home. An ally to maintain and care for the health of the skin, maintain the purity of the air in our home, eliminate electrostatic charges and adjust the room temperature to our liking.

Beurer LB37

We close the list with the Beurer LB37 humidifier. A quiet and energy efficient device that operates at two different power levels and turns off automatically once the tank is empty. It is valid for rooms up to 20 m² and, thanks to its night mode, it can also be used at night while we sleep.

It incorporates the function of ultrasound technology, based on high-frequency vibrations that generate small droplets from the surface of the water. The airflow from the fan expels the humidified air to the outside. And all silently, without noise or disturbances.

The other great function of this device is its capacity as a diffuser of aromatic oils, which allows us to achieve a pleasant atmosphere in all spaces of the home. In addition, its 2-liter tank is removable and very easy to clean.

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