magnifying glass google

How to search Google by images

On this occasion we will talk about the possibility of image search offered by Google and we will explain how you can use it

Microsoft Word

How to recover a deleted Word file

Not finding a file on our computer can be a drama initially if we do not follow the steps that we show you in this article to be able to recover it quickly.

Microsoft Excel 2019

How to recover a deleted Excel file

If we have had the misfortune of losing an Excel file, in this article we show you all the options available to be able to recover it successfully.

Public IP

How to change my public IP

Discover the best methods we can use if we want to change the Public IP when we connect to the Internet on the computer.

Android root

How to know if I am root

Discover this selection of applications on Android that will help us know whether or not we are root on the phone to always have this information.


Where to read books online

If you are looking for where you can find books in digital format, in this article we show you which are the best websites to read books online.


How Skype works

Find out which are the most important functions in Skype to learn how to use the application on your computer or smartphone in a simple way.


How to create a Skype account

Find out all the ways there are to create a Skype account on your computer or smartphone and how to change your account information.


How to make indexes in Word

Discover the way in which we can create indexes in a document in Word and the way in which we can customize their appearance for a better use of them.


How to register on Instagram

Find out more about the way you can register on Instagram from your computer or mobile phone. All the ways explained.


How to unsubscribe from HBO

If once Game of Thrones is over, you think the time has come to cancel your HBO subscription, in this article we show you all the steps to follow.


How to edit a PDF document

We tell you the best options to edit a PDF from your computer: web pages, programs and more. Learn how to modify a PDF document here.


How to write to a PDF

Writing to a PDF is a very simple process. Discover the best apps for mobile and computer to edit PDF documents and write in them.


How to use Uber

We explain quickly and easily the steps to follow to use Uber, the cheapest alternative to the taxi. Get € 5 for your first trip.

clean vinyls

How to clean vinyl records

We teach you how to properly clean vinyl records so as not to damage them. Avoid jumps and that they are damaged by being dirty.


How to create an event on Facebook

Discover how you can create an event on Facebook, whether you are looking to create a private event or a public event. Explained step by step.

Polls are added on Instagram Stories

How to remove followers on Instagram

Find out more about the feature of removing followers on Instagram. How to remove followers and what are the consequences of doing this on my account.

Open CBR files in Windows

How to open CBR files

Discover the best applications to open CBR files, both for PC, Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. How are these files opened?

CC and Bcc in Gmail

What does CC and CCO mean

Find out what they are, how they are used and the differences between CC and Bcc in an email account in Gmail or other email platforms.


How to watch YouTube videos offline

We show you everything you need to watch YouTube videos without an internet connection. How can you watch videos on Youtube without data and without connection?

Alcatel 1T tablets range

How to format Android tablet

Discover the ways there are to format an Android tablet. Leave it at the factory so that it goes faster and without errors. Do you know how to format your tablet?

Split PDF document

How to split a PDF

Learn to divide a PDF into several parts, or to extract pages from it, with this simple tutorial and without the need to install any program.


How to use iCloud

We teach you how to use iCloud from any device in a simple way. Do you know the advantages that iCloud has? Discover them here.

Word to PDF

How to convert Word to PDF

Discover all the ways there are to be able to convert a word document into a PDF file, both online and programs like Microsoft Word.

How to convert image to icon

Converting an image into an icon to personalize our copy of Windows is a very simple process that we will detail in this tutorial.

PDF to Word

How to convert PDF to Word

Discover all the ways there are to convert a PDF into Word. All the ways, from web pages, Google Docs or Adobe Acrobat explained step by step.


How to compress a PDF

Discover all the ways there are to compress a PDF on your computer, from web pages to Adobe Acrobat Pro to preview on Mac.

video to GIF conversion

How to Convert Video to GIF

Discover the easiest and fastest methods to convert any video into an animated GIF and be able to share it on your social networks

MacOS continuity

How to copy and paste on Mac

We show you some of the options that we have available to perform the task of copying and pasting on a Mac as well as a specific app for it

Twitter logo

How to use Twitter

Find out how to use Twitter: Create an account, use hashtags and mentions, gain followers or send private messages on the social network.

Facebook phone number

How to block someone on Facebook

Discover the ways to block someone on Facebook without them knowing or a user who is not your friend. What is the difference between deleting and blocking?

clone a hard drive

How to format a computer

Discover all the ways that are currently available to format a Windows computer or a hard disk drive easily and quickly

iCloud cloud

How to free up space in iCloud

If you want to gain free space in your iCloud account without being forced to hire more space, here are some tips to achieve it.

How to unzip rar files

If you are looking for an application to open your files in RAR format on your PC, Mac, iPhone or Android, then we will show you which ones are the best.

clone a hard drive

How to make backup copies

If you want to know how to make backup copies of your smartphone, computer or tablet, in this article we offer you all the available methods.

Wallapop banner

How to put an ad on Wallapop

We tell you how to place an ad on Wallapop in which we are going to be successful in the sale. Do you know how to sell on Wallapop? Follow these tips

Instagram logo

How to tag on Instagram

Discover the ways in which you can tag a photo on Instagram, possible both before uploading a photo and after it has been published.


How LinkedIn works

Find out all about LinkedIn: the social network for professionals. Learn more about what this network is and how it works to find work

Facebook phone number

How to create a page on Facebook

We teach you how to create a Facebook page step by step for your website, blog, company or community. Find out how to manage it, view statistics and customize it

How to format the iPad

We teach you how to erase the iPad step by step when we want to sell it or format it to start from scratch so that it goes faster.

Twitter logo

How to download videos on Twitter

Find out how to download Twitter videos to your device, be it a Windows, Android or iOS computer. We explain step by step how to do it.


How to go from PDF to JPG

Going from PDF to JPG is a very simple process that hardly requires extensive knowledge of the subject. In this article we show you how to do it.

How to view hidden files

All operating systems, regardless of whether they are on a mobile device, on a console, on a smart TV ...

Substitute MacBook Air

How to take a screenshot on Mac

If you still do not know all the possible ways that macOS offers us when taking screenshots, through this article you will leave your doubts.

Block phone number

How to block a phone number

How can you block a phone number. Discover the methods to block phone numbers on your Android or iPhone in a simple way.

Google Drive

What is Google Drive

If you still don't know what Google Drive is, in this article we show you what it is, what it is for and everything you can do with it.

How to verify our Instagram account

False notifications have become one of the great evils of social networks in the last two years. And I say in these last two years, If you have finally encouraged to verify your Instagram account, in this article we show you all the steps to follow to be able to do it quickly.

How to install and manage themes in Google Chrome

When it comes to customizing our browsers, Google Chrome is practically the only browser that allows us to do so, at least with other colors than Installing and managing themes in Google Chrome to customize our browser is a very simple process that we detail below.

WhatsApp on iPhone

How to recover a suspended WhatsApp account

The WhatsApp messaging platform has become the main means of communication for millions of users. Despite the deficiencies that we have If we have seen how our WhatsApp account has been blocked, for whatever reason, in this article we show you how we can easily recover it

Dark mode is now available in Outlook. We show you how to activate it

Depending on how you use your computer, either during the day or at night, along with the surrounding lighting conditions, it is likely that Microsoft's mail service, Outlook, has just received a new feature that many users will appreciate: dark mode. We show you how to activate it.

How to change rows by columns in Microsoft Excel

When making any type of graph (based on variable data), probability statistics, audits, searches between different sheets, search If you have always wondered if you can change rows for columns in a spreadsheet, the answer is yes and we show you how to do it

How to make taskbar icons bigger in Windows 10

As the versions of Windows have evolved, the taskbar has taken on a greater role. With Windows 10, we not only have If the icons on the taskbar are too small for you, then we will show you how we can make them bigger quickly.

Windows 10

How to quickly switch between Windows 10 user accounts

When a computer is used by several people, either at work or at home, it is always recommended that each of the people who use it, Each new version of Windows, offers us new ways to switch between the different user accounts that we have created in the team.

Smartphone locked

How to know if my mobile is free

Is my mobile free? We teach you to know quickly if our smartphone is free, or is tied to an operator, it is a decisive factor when it comes to being able to use it with other operators or if we intend to sell it.

WhatsApp on iPhone

How to move WhatsApp to SD card

Do you need to move WhatsApp to the SD of your mobile? We teach you how to prevent WhatsApp from taking up space in your mobile memory and using the external card instead.

How to install extensions in Google Chrome

The extensions with the perfect complement for any browser. If you have not yet decided to try the extensions in the most popular browser on the market, below we will show you how to install applications in Google Chrome.

WhatsApp achieves a new record of daily users

How to block a contact on WhatsApp

We show you how to block a contact on WhatsApp for iOS or Android. If a person annoys you and you want to silence them, follow our tutorial. Do you want to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp? You can also find out with our tips.

Chrome is very slow, how to restart it

If Google's Chrome browser has started to show symptoms of fatigue, it may be time to clean up. Below we offer you a small tutorial where we show you what to do when Chrome is very slow.


How to Search All Open Chrome Tabs

If we want to search for terms among all the tabs that are open in our Chrome browser, we must make use of an extension called Search Plus.

Instagram icon image

How to download all your Instagram content

In this article we show you how we can obtain a copy of all the content that we have published on the social network Instagram, a social network that is under the umbrella of Facebook.

Download a copy of all our data from Google

Download a copy of all our data from Google

If you are curious to know what Google knows about you, in this article we show you how we can download all the content that we have shared and that we continue to do while using their services.

How to get royalty-free music for your videos

The websites that offer royalty-free music have become popular on the web due to the success of YouTube and its monetization, today we bring you some of the most popular sites to get free music.

How to clear Google history

How to clear Google history

If you are concerned about Google's privacy and you want to erase all the history that Google has stored about you, below we show you all the steps to follow to be able to erase Google's history. Eliminate any trace of you on the Internet, locations, apps and more!

Send large files

How to send large files

If we find ourselves in need of sending large files, in this article we show you a large number of options available to do so quickly and easily.

Mobile data consumed

How to know how much mobile data each application consumes

Worried about the data expenditure made by your mobile apps? Do you want to know how much data applications such as Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, Facebook or others consume? Enter and discover how to know the data consumption of each app on your smartphone.

Gmail Image

How to backup Gmail

Do you have half a life in your Gmail account? Well, before an error occurs and your messages - and attachments - disappear, make a backup copy. We explain how to do it


My mobile has been stolen. What should I do?

If unfortunately your mobile has been lost or stolen and you do not know what to do to recover it, we will show you how we can proceed to try to recover it or block it completely.

Play T-Rex on Chrome

Google Dinosaur Game

The Google Chrome dinosaur game has become a very good alternative for those dead moments that we have or for when we really are without an internet connection, both on our mobile device and on our computer.

How to close apps on Android

How to set up an Android smartphone to run faster

If our Android smartphone has started to go slower than normal, we can choose to apply this little trick that will speed up transitions giving a feeling of speed that we did not have after the last update.

How to play mkv files

The mkv files are the best option to group different audio, video and subtitle formats in a single file, but unfortunately not all operating systems offer native support. In this article we show you how to play mkv files and what you need so that no movie can resist you.

fix critical windows error

How to fix a critical Windows 10 error

One of the problems that many users suffer from day to day is related to critical errors in Windows 10, critical errors that have a very simple solution as we show you in this article. Do you have a critical error in start menu and cortana? Enter and we will tell you how to solve it.

How to schedule automatic shutdown on Windows and Mac

If we do not want our PC or Mac to spend more hours than necessary in operation, the best we can do is program the automatic shutdown, either on Windows or on Mac. Do you know how to do it? We teach you several methods to automatically shut down your computer at the time you want.

Gmail Image

Recover Gmail password

We explain how to recover the Gmail password if you do not remember it or do not have access to your Google mail. We also teach you to change it


Configure router

Do you need to configure the router? Discover all the information to access the router and change the configuration, password, ports, network name and more

Slow Wifi connection

How to do a Wifi audit

A Wifi audit allows us to know if our Wifi connection is safe against possible intrusions. Can you decrypt the WiFi key? Find out!